Blog / July 1, 2021

Cómo tratar más de 540 millones de personas que padecen dolor en la zona lumbar de la espalda

Durante años, Martin Underwood y sus compañeros se enfrentaban con gente que sufría de...
Blog / June 28, 2021


Blogi / May 22, 2021

Nordic Health ja tehokkuus

Lihasharjoitus on tehokasta silloin, kun kuormitus tuntuu samalta koko liikkeen ajan. Tehokas harjoitus väsyttää...
Blog / 12.05.2021

How will EVE support your rehabilitation journey?

EVE is an exercise assistant that helps every step of the way DAVID technology...
Blog / 04.05.2021

Company prevention program at DAVID improves quality of life for many

Company prevention program can be built around the normal working day The company prevention...
Blog / 29.04.2021

How to use EVE as a virtual assistant to increase productivity in physiotherapy clinics

Global trends show growing patient volumes and fewer physiotherapists The number of patients with...