Exercise Therapy

DAVID Exercise Therapy Solution

DAVID Exercise Therapy Solution is easily replicated anywhere in the world with guaranteed, high level results. Automation, bio-feedback controlled self training and a web-based quality control system increase client throughput and significantly lower running costs. The pages below offer more information, including testimonials and stories from our customers.


Quality care does not need to be expensive to produce. Physiotherapists can focus on patient motivation and well-being, while modern technology takes care of the repetitive work precisely and safely. Patient satisfaction is higher, and the cost per session is significantly lower.

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Orthopedic centers

Typically just 1 out of 10 patients seeking help for musculoskeletal pain is indicated for surgery. DAVID Exercise Therapy Solution opens up new opportunities for orthopedic centers with a turn-key solution to retain these patients, profitably.

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Physical therapy centers

The DAVID Solution brings continuity and stability to treatment design and the methods used are optimal for the end-user. With DAVID’s Exercise Therapy Solution, producing physiotherapy services is less expensive and easy to scale economically.

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Other applications

With such sophisticated simplicity, the possibilities are endless. Healthcare professionals in more than 30 countries are utilizing the DAVID Exercise Therapy Solution and have been able to help close to a million patients with musculoskeletal pain.

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