Company prevention program at DAVID improves quality of life for many

At David Health Solutions, we practice what we preach. The employees at our DAVID factory located in Outokumpu, Finland participate in a company prevention program. This article shares how the company prevention program operates within our factory and how it has helped employees decrease musculoskeletal pain and increase the quality of life.

Company prevention program can be built around the normal working day

The company prevention program at the DAVID factory is an activity that has been incorporated into the working week. A structured schedule does not disrupt the factory’s operations. In fact, it supports the employees in maintaining their health.

The company prevention program at DAVID is straightforward. Each factory employee has a designated slot weekly during which they leave their work station for 15 minutes. They go to the training clinic located at the factory. Here they sign into EVE using the Info Kiosk to see their individualized training program. The employee then goes through their treatment program using the DAVID devices. After completion, they return to their working station and continue normally with their workday.

Employees can visit the factory’s built-in physiotherapy clinic during their work breaks or after their work shift.

It is easy to set up a successful company prevention program

DAVID’s company prevention program is easy to set up. Once the devices are in place, a physiotherapist works with the employees individually to create a personal treatment program. The therapist does isometric strength and mobility testing using the devices, and EVE gathers all of the data.

In the EVE software platform, the therapist can find a suitable training template that is specifically programmed to the employee’s height, weight, age, and sex. EVE also creates an exercise program using the strength and mobility measurements from the employee’s tests. The therapist can freely make changes to this program, depending on what he or she thinks is best for the patient.

company prevention program to relieve shoulder pain

The G660 Shoulder device provides shoulder pain treatment.


At the DAVID Factory, Hanna from Nordic Health Helsinki, did the proper testing and program creation with the DAVID employees.

“The employees at the DAVID Factory spend most of their working time doing quite static work. This means that short exercise breaks can really help maintain their health and prevent injuries” says Hanna. DAVID employees also say that the exercise breaks help energize them during the workday. 


Employees enjoy exercising during their workday

Laura, who works in the upholstery department, enjoys being able to exercise during her workdays. “I really like the G460 shoulder device because it helps with blood circulation in my shoulders. This is really helpful in my line of work because the targeted shoulder training relieves my shoulder pain effectively.”

“This program helps prevent musculoskeletal pain and problems, as well as improve physical health and quality of life.”


company prevention program for back pain relief

Device set-up and testing with the G110 Spine device.

Factory Director, Jaakko Tuononen, is also excited about the company prevention program. “It’s important that we offer our workers access to the world’s best musculoskeletal care. With this, we can prevent musculoskeletal pain and problems, as well as improve physical health.”

Jaakko also believes the company prevention program has improved the factory workers’ overall work satisfaction. “Our employees, including myself, use them several times a week to exercise. This helps in improving mobility and strength as well as recovering physically from a long day’s work”.


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