Spinetic – Health Spine Center Belgradzka

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The Spinetic Health Spine Center in Warsaw is a state-of-the-art physiotherapy center. The center utilizes the DAVID Exercise Therapy Solution to treat a variety of pain disorders including back pain, shoulder pain, hip and knee pain.


Belgradzka 3

02-793, Warsaw


+48 22 150 22 22


„I highly recommend SPINETIC Physiotherapy Center! This is a place where knowledge combined with experience and top-class equipment is the answer to my needs and those of other patients who struggle with pain. I’ve been to many specialists before and I could read great opinions about each of them, but unfortunately it didn’t help much. At Spinetic, I finally see that I have a chance to get rid of the pain that I have been struggling with for so many years. I will recommend this wonderful place to everyone without exception and I wish there were more such professionals with great work culture and respect for the patient!“ – Piotr O, patient

Spinetic – Health Spine Center Belgradzka