Data-Driven Exercise Equipment for treating the Spine, Shoulder, Hip and Knee

Transforming musculoskeletal care

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Discover the world of the DAVID Exercise Therapy

DAVID offers exercise equipment for the back, shoulder, hip, and knee. With the most advanced technology for rehabilitation, DAVID is the market leader in data-driven device-based exercise therapy.

Research has shown that Exercise Therapy is the first-line treatment for treating musculoskeletal complaints. DAVID’s data-driven device-based medical exercise equipment is designed for patients with back and neck pain, shoulder pain, and hip and knee pain. The all-in-one concept includes scientifically proven medical exercise equipment and EVE software (SaaS) for therapists and patients.



The technology behind our Exercise Equipment

A well-designed exercise prevents harmful movements, is gentle on the joints but highly fatiguing for the muscles and can be easily fine-tuned for each individual. A team of experienced engineers and exercise specialists design our medical exercise equipment producing the most advanced rehabilitation technology.

The DAVID devices are classified as Electromechanical rehabilitation devices (Medical Class 1m) with measuring function (Directive 93/42/EEC).

Technology and Design

Therapy Software –  EVE Platform

The comprehensive EVE software platform (available in more than 20 different languages) for healthcare professionals is essential to manage our Exercise Equipment. The software establishes training templates, analyzes patient outcomes and tracks patient satisfaction. The software uses artificial intelligence and algorithms based on patient biofeedback. The EVE software is designed to minimize the administrative burden on therapists so that they can focus on the patient.

    • Intake Automation – Email and text intake forms and functional outcomes to patients
    • Measuring function – mobility and isometric test functionalities
    • Therapy Software – Easily document treatments via daily notes
    • Training Programs – Automation of training programs through AI
    • Home Exercise – home exercise programs
    • Medical Questionnaires – Digitization of medical questionnaires
    • Schedule Appointments – via APP and embedded calendars
    • Hl7/API Integration – Connect EVE with your existing EMR system or other software/hardware vendors

    EVE Software Platform

Patient Engagement with the EVE Mobile App

The EVE app is an interactive mobile app for tracking training data and sharing exercise programs. This patient-friendly app is an effective and efficient way for patients to communicate directly with the physiotherapist and minimizes administrative burden. The EVE app helps with many tasks including:

  • Guidance and tracking for home exercises
  • Chat with your therapist or group members
  • Manage appointments with your therapist or training group
  • Task module with notifications to improve your health
  • Overview of training results and reports

Patient APP

DAVID Academy for instructors, clinic managers and healthcare professionals

The DAVID Academy is an e-learning platform with courses, information, and videos on how to make the most of the DAVID exercise equipment and EVE software. You will learn to set up the patient to the devices correctly, complete mobility and strength tests, train with the correct movement, and understand the contraindications related to training and testing. You will also learn about the functionalities of EVE, and how to best utilize the therapy software in practice. You will receive an official DAVID e-learning certificate from each course. The online learning environment is available in multiple languages for any DAVID user worldwide.

DAVID Academy

Successful business model through data-driven device-based Exercise Therapy

How do you differentiate your center from others and make an investment in Exercise Therapy profitable? Add value to your stakeholders and create a successful business model for physiotherapy, chiropractor practices, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, fitness centers, and elderly centers.

Impact of DAVID Exercise Equipment

DAVID has been developing exercise equipment for physiotherapy centers, chiropractor practices, hospital rehab centers, spine or orthopedic centers, fitness centers, Companies and military bases since the 1980s. DAVID is a world leader in data-driven exercise equipment and has more than 600 installations within medical facilities in Europe, North and South America, Australia, and Asia.

The state-of-the-art exercise equipment is manufactured in Finland (Europe) and is supported by various validation and outcome based scientific articles.

Business Cases


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Transforming musculoskeletal care 

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