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Specialized Exercise Equipment for Shoulder Pain

The David Shoulder Solution revolutionizes the treatment of shoulder pain by using biomechanically optimized movements and a visual biofeedback system for guidance.

Since its inception in the 1980s, DAVID has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing advanced exercise equipment for various healthcare settings. Over the years, DAVID has expanded its reach to different continents, establishing a robust global presence.


7 reasons why you should use a Medical Shoulder Device


Shoulder pain is
a massive problem

Shoulder problems cause the most sick leaves
of any musculoskeletal illnesses (15 days on average).
Shoulder pain is the most common musculoskeletal
disorder in people over 65 years old (Taylor, 2005) and
its prevalence has tripled in the course of 40 years (Harkness,
2005). Every second person will suffer from shoulder pain
during their lifetime.

Data-Driven Device-Based Exercise Therapy

Traditionally, physiotherapy has relied on simple tools such as pulleys and rubber bands to address shoulder problems. However, these methods lack precision and effectiveness due to their non-measurable, non-trackable, and non-repeatable nature. Moreover, they fall short of achieving biomechanical optimization.

Take, for instance, the commonly used rubber band exercises for outer and inner rotation of the shoulder. These exercises exert the highest load at the end of the movement, precisely where the muscles are the weakest. As a result, this places unnecessary stress on the joint while yielding a subpar training effect.

In contrast, DAVID Exercise Therapy offers a revolutionary approach to shoulder rehabilitation. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that the exercises align with the strength curves of muscles. This means a safer and more effective training experience for patients.

We understand that shoulder pain often stems from weakened stabilizing muscles within the shoulder joint rather than the larger upper body muscles typically targeted by conventional shoulder devices. DAVID Exercise Therapy addresses this critical aspect by precisely targeting and strengthening the small rotator cuff muscles. Unlike traditional fitness devices, DAVID’s advanced equipment can isolate these crucial muscles, providing targeted and effective rehabilitation.

With DAVID Exercise Therapy, physiotherapists can finally deliver measurable, trackable, and repeatable treatment interventions. Our data-driven approach empowers healthcare professionals to quantify patient progress, optimize treatment plans, and achieve superior rehabilitation outcomes.

Join us in revolutionizing shoulder rehabilitation and experience the transformative benefits of DAVID Exercise Therapy. Say goodbye to outdated methods and embrace the future of precision and effectiveness in shoulder care.

Hannah, Daniel Cason, “A Comparison of Strength and Resistance Curves for the Internal and External Rotators of the Shoulder.” (2002). Electronic Theses and Dissertations. Paper 680.

A change towards exercise therapy.

Today, more evidence is emerging which continuously prefers exercise therapy to surgery. Although there are shoulder conditions that require surgical actions, the most common problems, such as shoulder impingement (or sub acromial pain syndrome), have no scientific justification for surgical treatment.

Scientific Evidence

Shoulder impingement syndrome is one of the most typical shoulder problems. Surgery is a common treatment for this problem but recent study has shown that it offers no benefit over active treatment: “… arthroscopic acromioplasty has no good justification as a treatment for shoulder impingement syndrome, and it should therefore be abandoned as the standard treatment. Structured exercise treatment should instead be the basis for treatment” (Ketola, 2016).

Pure isolation

With the DAVID Shoulder Solution, internal and external rotators of the shoulder joint along with the scapular stabilizers can be activated safely and efficiently. Optimal joint angles and a supportive movement arm isolate the activation precisely to the desired muscles.

Pure isolation is essential, or else stronger internal rotators, like the pectoralis major, will do the work. When rehabilitating sore shoulders, a carefully designed resistance curve is absolutely crucial in order to perform the exercise in a controlled manner.

Technology and Design

If exercise is medicine, why don’t we know the dose?

Exercise interventions are poorly reported across a range of health conditions. If exercise is medicine, then how it is prescribed and delivered is unclear, potentially limiting its translation from research to practice.1

With the DAVID Shoulder Concept, objective training progress can be followed and the results are presented in a comprehensive report.

1. Hansford H.J, Wewege M.A, Cashin A.G, Hagstrom A.D, Clifford B.K, McAuley J.H, Jones M.D. If exercise is medicine, why don’t we know the dose? An overview of systematic reviews assessing reporting quality of exercise interventions in health and disease. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2022.

Guiding and motivation

In each device, a computer terminal guides and motivates the patients to follow exactly the given parameters prescribed in their individualized programs. Parameters include e.g. selected movements, adjustments, loading, range of motion, repetitions, movement speed, progression, session numbers and frequencies. These parameters are automatically designed and fine-tuned with the use of the cloud-based software and patients get immediate feedback on their compliance level.

EVE Software Platform

EVE Therapy Software

The comprehensive EVE software platform (available in more than 20 different languages) for therapists is essential to manage our Exercise Equipment. The software establishes training templates, analyzes patient outcomes and tracks patient satisfaction. The software uses artificial intelligence and algorithms based on patient biofeedback. The EVE software is designed to minimize the administrative burden on therapists so that they can focus on the patient.

  • Intake Automation – Email and text intake forms and functional outcomes to patients
  • Measuring function – mobility and isometric test functionalities
  • Therapy Software – Easily document treatments via daily notes
  • Training Programs – Automation of training programs through AI
  • Home Exercise – home exercise programs
  • Medical Questionnaires – Digitization of medical questionnaires
  • Schedule Appointments – via APP and embedded calendars
  • Hl7/API Integration – Connect EVE with your existing EMR system or other software/hardware vendors

EVE Software Platform

Patient Engagement with the EVE Mobile App

The EVE app is an interactive mobile app for tracking training data and sharing exercise programs.

  • Guidance and tracking for home exercises
  • Chat with your therapist or group members
  • Manage appointments with your therapist or training group
  • Task module with notifications to improve your health
  • Overview of training results and reports

Successful business model through data-driven device-based Exercise Therapy

How do you differentiate your centre from others and make an investment in Exercise Therapy profitable? Add value to your stakeholders and create a successful business model for physiotherapy, chiropractor practices, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, gyms and elderly centres.

Impact of DAVID Exercise Equipment

DAVID has been developing exercise equipment for physiotherapy centres, hospitals, chiropractor practices, rehabilitation centres, elderly centres, gyms and military bases since the 1980s. DAVID is a world leader in data-driven exercise equipment and has more than 600 installations within medical facilities in Europe, North and South America, Australia, China and Asia.

The state-of-the-art exercise equipment is manufactured in Finland (Europe) and is supported by various validation and outcome based scientific articles.

Business Cases

Typical indications

The David Shoulder Solution suits patients suffering from prolonged
(sub-acute or chronic), recurrent, post-operative or post-traumatic
shoulder problems. Problems such as poor posture, frozen shoulder,
rotator cuff disorders, shoulder instability, acromioclavicular joint
disorders and osteoarthritis in the shoulder joints are also suitable
for rehabilitation through our exercise therapy solution.

More information about diagnoses

Future of physiotherapy

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