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Patient App

The Patient APP operates as a patient portal

 The EVE App is a safe way for patients to interactively participate in their own recovery process. All data is automatically linked to the EVE professional software which can be linked to your own EMR system if necessary.

The Patient APP can be fully customized with logo and color scheme to your center.







Patient Profile

Your center’s EVE Professional software generates a unique QR code for each patient. This code can be emailed to the patient or scanned via the therapist user screen. The patient activates the app via the unique QR code. No username or password is required. QR code loads all patient data that is provided by the therapist into the app (provided by the therapist).

The app supports the patient’s treatment by providing:

  • Access to all medical data in a safe personal profile
  • Ability to update personal data and information
  • Overview of treatment program and at-home exercises















View and Schedule Therapy Appointments

Making or viewing an appointment can be done through the APP. For example, the patient can view when a meeting with a healthcare professional or group training session is scheduled. It is also possible to reschedule or cancel an appointment.

  • Make appointment with healthcare provider
  • Reschedule an appointment
  • Cancel an appointment
  • Receive push notifications for appointment reminders

















Communicate directly with your Therapist

The app allows healthcare professionals to send messages to individual patients or even groups. Patients can also send messages to clinic personnel (within designated times) and to others within a group (if they have permission). All data is encrypted and complies with medical guidelines for data protection.

The EVE App allows for encrypted chat communication between:

  • Patient and healthcare professional
  • Patients
  • Exercise training groups
  • Patients in group chats















Patient Task lists

The healthcare provider can easily prepare and assign tasks for the patient. Patients can view their task list in the app, such as completing medical questionnaires or signing an informed consent.

Patient tasks can include:

  • Home exercises
  • Patient forms
  • Questionnaires
  • Signing of documents











The EVE app makes the patient much more involved in their recovery process. With this, we encourage the self-management of the patient.

Exercise Therapy Program

Track your personalized Exercise Therapy program through the EVE App. Confirm that you have performed the exercises and provide feedback on how well the training went.







Patient Reports

The EVE App tracks and stores various test results and progress reports. Patients can view and download personal test results and progress reports.

  • Patient progress reports
  • Mobility and Strength measurements reports
  • Real-time data on treatment program










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