Transforming Workforce Health: Nordic Klinika’s Specialized Clinic

Nordic Klinika, located in Basque Country in northern Spain, specializes in medical exercise therapy. It is the first to use an innovative Nordic method throughout the country, as well as a pioneer in Europe, due to its focus on occupational health. More than 1,500 employees from around 150 companies have passed through it. Read the article to learn how Nordic Klinika helps factory workers improve strength and mobility to prevent pain problems. This blog is from December 2023 and has been translated. The original article can be found here

Specialized clinic that supports employee musculoskeletal health

Employee health should be a priority for companies. The Nordic Klinika was born with this aim, focused on their musculoskeletal health. This Spanish clinic is the first of its kind, utilizing exclusive medical exercise devices to treat whole-body ailments and disorders.

Nordic Klinika opened in 2019 in Vitoria-Gasteiz, within the facilities of the San Prudentzio Labor Foundation on Calle Dato. “San Prudentzio Labor Foundation and ATHLON, S. Coop. is a joint initiative of the company, to improve the musculoskeletal health of all citizens and, in particular, the employees,” explained Joseba Narbaiza, manager of the Nordic Klinika.

More than 1,500 employees from 150 companies have passed through Nordic Klinika. 


In these four years, more than 1,500 employees from around 150 companies in Álava have passed through the Nordic Klinika. The clinic specializes in the prevention and rehabilitation of back, cervical, shoulder, hip and knee pain. According to Joseba, the results are visible as soon as the treatment is completed. This innovative practice notably reduces the company’s absenteeism index and the number of days off for employees.

In addition, it boosts “the connection between employees and the company, by offering a treatment to improve their health.”

Personalized approach to improving mobility and strength in workers

It is a Finnish method with innovative pain treatment technology. “Completely personalized, it adapts to each patient’s strength, level of mobility, and abilities. The process involves an initial musculoskeletal diagnosis, assessing the specific case using available resources such as x-rays and medical reports. After this, an individualized treatment is carried out in a circuit of 12 David Health Solutions devices, in the clinic itself,” explained Narbaiza.

These medical devices allow carefully limited movements and controlled weights, which “improve mobility, strength, endurance and joint coordination in a few sessions. The person manages to regain an active and pain-free life in just a few sessions.

Furthermore, with the EVE software, all the movements made by the patient are measured and recorded, as well as the evolution of the patient’s perception of pain.” Thus, in the final diagnosis, the improvements recorded from the initial functional diagnosis of each treated joint or body area can be quantified, and cross-referenced with the qualitative data of how the patient perceived his/her ability to perform the exercise.

employee-health-program-in-SpainThe G160 Cervical spine rotation device helps mobilize the neck in lateral flexion.

In physical terms, the workers manage to restore the musculature of the back and upper and lower limbs, as well as improve mobility, strength and endurance in a safe and effective way, as it adapts to each body’s characteristics. “Around 90% of patients have reduced back pain. In addition, we offer great safety and control when treating back pain or other joints, as it allows us to isolate the muscle groups that we do not want to work during the session.”

company-prevention-stretching-programThe Exercise Kiosk is perfect for stretching and additional exercises that complement the device exercise therapy.

Occupational health solution with a preventive approach

It is the first clinic in Spain to apply this method. And in Europe, Narbaiza says it is a pioneer “because it is the first one focused on occupational health and with a preventive approach, even though employees tend to go when they are already in pain and cannot work properly, affecting the productivity of the company.”

For this reason, the Nordic Klinika advises that companies facilitate access to this service for their employees, “before the damage occurs and thus reducing the levels of absenteeism.” However, the clinic is open to everyone to improve their health and prevent or reduce pain.

Protecting the health of employees

Company prevention providers and rehabilitation clinics can expand their businesses with remote prevention units without space and distance constraints. The DAVID Prevention equipment is installed on the premises of the client company. Health evaluations, as well as mobility and strength measurements, are carried out for employees. Finally, individual training programs are created based on the results.

The DAVID Prevention Solution is an interactive platform to guide and train employees in various industries. For more information on other successful company prevention programs, please visit out Company Prevention page.

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