Medical exercise therapy improves patient’s neck osteoarthritis

After each squash match he played in, Jarmo began experiencing neck pain. His neck was stiff and caused him pain. He was diagnosed with neck inflammation and an MRI showed osteoarthritis. Can exercise therapy provide a solution for neck pain rehabilitation?

Orthopedic doctor’s recommendation for exercise therapy

Jarmo, a Finn living in Luxembourg, visited an orthopedic doctor for help with his neck pain. After assessment and an MRI, the doctor diagnosed Jarmo with a neck inflammation as well as neck osteoarthritis. Jarmo’s doctor recommended the Mondorf Health Center. Mondorf provides medical exercise therapy with the David Spine and Shoulder Solutions. Medical insurance covers musculoskeletal pain treatment with medical exercise therapy for a total of 24 sessions over 3 months.

Controlled exercise therapy ensures safe recovery from neck pain

When visiting the clinic for his treatment session, Jarmo exercises with a small group of people with 1 to 2 physiotherapists on hand to assist and coach the patients.

At Mondorf, Jarmo follows an exercise treatment program that includes 4 David devices. This includes the upper spine devices Cervical Extension and Cervical Rotation devices. In addition, Jarmo’s treatment includes the Shoulder Abduction and Pulldown devices to mobilize and strengthen upper back muscles that support the neck.

neck pain rehabilitation with medical exercise therapyJarmo exercises on the Cervical Rotation device.

The treatment program is individualized to his needs. This includes customized parameters for weight resistance, speed, repetition, and range of motion for all exercise movements. „My neck exercises use very small weights but with many repetitions, even up to 40 repetitions per side“. After completing a neck device exercise, Jarmo spends one minute stretching before starting exercise on another device.


The neck and shoulder exercise devices are very special, I have not seen any like them in any gym.


„The neck and shoulder exercise devices are very special, I have not seen any like them in any gym. It is also nice to see everything on the device screen as I train.“

shoulder exercise equipment for shoulder pain reliefThe Shoulder Abduction device is one-of-a-kind for effective shoulder exercise.

An active lifestyle prevents further injury and musculoskeletal pain

While vacationing in Finland, Jarmo contacted the Nordic Health clinic in hopes of continuing his rehabilitation program while on vacation. He was able to continue with the same neck exercises as at Mondorf Health Center, as well as add Spine, Hip & Knee, and Shoulder devices to his exercise program.


The screen shows the correct weight resistance, how many repetitions, what speed, and even the suitable range of motion.


„It is very handy to have all of my training information on my EVE card.“ When Jarmo shows his card to the device, the screen tells a wide range of important information including correct weight resistance, how many repetitions, what speed, and even the suitable range of motion. This makes independent training possible as it shows the tailored exercise program directly to the patient. A therapist can follow along either next to the patient or from the EVE software platform to ensure that the patient’s exercise training is safe and effective. For more information on back and neck pain treatment, head over to our Patient Information pages on back and neck pain treatment.

medical exercise equipment for neck pain treaetment

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