Challenges in Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy departments rarely work optimally in hospitals. Department outlook can be outdated with a collection of various, mismatched devices accumulated over the years. Treatments are often designed randomly using methods that are either no longer recommended by medical guidelines or are carried out with sub-optimal devices. Producing the services is expensive and difficult to scale economically. Additionally, treatment success is difficult to replicate because it is highly dependent on the therapist’s skills.

New opportunities

Demand for physical therapy services is growing due to an aging population and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. There is also strong scientific evidence that active physical therapy can produce equally effective results compared to surgery in many degenerative joint problems. This allows for new opportunities in physical therapy, as current techniques and tools are not sufficient in the rapidly developing environment.

The DAVID Exercise Therapy Solution is a comprehensive platform, prepared to take full advantage of these new opportunities.

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“The new approach is to turn the focus to the value produced for the patient and use only methods that are evidence-based to be the most cost-effective and safe.”

Designed for efficiency

The DAVID platform is specially designed to run large patient volumes with automated individualization, high quality of care, and ease of reporting. Resource use is optimized due to device intelligence and patient engagement. HL7 compatibility allows full integration to patient record systems.

“A critical component is the ability to measure results in ways that make sense to the patients as well as the payers.”

Future proof investment

DAVID technology is built to last. Fully functional DAVID systems are still operational after 25 years. All software systems are Linux-based and updated automatically. New features are added and are instantly available for everyone. Best practices from around the world are shared. Third-party technology is added to the platform, simplifying data collection and reporting.

Benefit from the data

The DAVID Platform shows your results systematically with minimal resource use. The reporting is done with just a push of a button as all testing and training data is collected automatically, including questionnaires via email, tablet, or smartphone. HL7 integration transfers all relevant data to the hospital’s EMR system. These outcomes are not only important for doctors and payers, but they are also essential for program planning and patient motivation.

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Below you can download our white paper, which explains in detail the scientific, technical, and economic background of DAVID’s solution. You can also contact us for more information. The best way to understand the uniqueness of the system is to see and try it in practice. We are more than happy to organize such a visit.

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