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Essential tools to measure patients, track training progress and safely maintain patient documentation

With the EVE basics, you have essential tools to test and measure patients, track training progress and securely store patient data. In addition, EVE also features an audit environment.

What is EVE Basic?

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Patient Terminal Software

Each DAVID device is equipped with a convenient patient terminal that displays the following elements:

  • Speed of exercises – the speed of the exercise is essential for the proper training stimulus
  • Range of motion – the range of motion is determined and set by the therapist and displayed on the terminal
  • Weight display – the selected weight resistance is displayed on the screen
  • Compliance score – this score is displayed for the quality of the exercise
  • Biofeedback system – based on the biofeedback, the patient indicates how they experienced the exercise.

Instructors can use their instructor pass to make adjustments to weight, range of motion and have the ability to take measurements, including mobility and strength measurements.

Dynamic training with Sinus Curve

Have patients train with self-created concentric and eccentric phases for a dynamic workout and additional training stimulus.

Patient documentation

Manage and collect patient data (daily notes, test reports,, medical history records, physical examination, ICD 10 codes and other data with the comprehensive patient record system. EVE patient files include:

  • Daily notes
  • Test reports
  • Medical history
  • Exercise program
  • Group categorization
  • ICD 10 codes
  • and more!

Patient testing and measuring

With the DAVID equipment for the back, shoulder, hip and knee, various tests can be taken for mobility and isometric strength. The values of the test automatically enter the EVE software. The results of the test are displayed in comprehensive reports against norm values. Based on the test results, training templates can be activated. The values are automatically calculated based on the test results.

  • Measure mobility and isometric strength measurement – Measure the strength and mobility of your patients
  • Analyze test results – evaluate test results and contrast them against norm values.
  • Select training templates – use test results and organize training sessions.
  • Compare test results – regular testing allows you to compare various test results.

Manage your center with daily activities overview

View how many patients have been active per day at each center and view the patient compliance score (this score indicates whether the patient has complied with exercise parameters). It is possible to view:

  • Real-time information on how many patients are active at the center
  • How many patients have visited the clinic
  • Results (compliance score) of the patients
  • Daily patient notes
  • Test results
  • Questionnaire results
  • Patient biofeedback
  • Audit environment

The DAVID Academy

The DAVID Academy  is a learning platform with courses, information, and videos on how to make the most of the DAVID technology. You will learn to set up the patient to the devices correctly, complete mobility and strength tests, train with the correct movement, and understand the contraindications related to training and testing. You will also learn about the functionalities of EVE, and how to best utilize the software in practice. You will receive an official e-learning certificate from each course.

The e-learning is available to our users anytime and is free of charge.

DAVID Academy

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