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At the core of our solution

The EVE platform (eValuated Exercise) is a rehabilitation software that manages the whole treatment process – helps stratify patients, automates treatment program creation, guides through individual exercises, and collects all the data for reporting. EVE helps therapists in making better treatment choices and motivates clients in their recovery journey. It also acts as a management tool in reporting the quantity and quality of operations of the instructors and clients, all online and in real-time. The entire EVE platform is currently available in over 15 different languages.

Watch the EVE video

“All treatment data is instantly available for reporting with a few clicks – anywhere, anytime.”

EVE Web Access

The EVE Web access is a cloud service that helps treatment professionals manage their patient’s treatment pathways. It has the functionality to design intelligent, diagnose-based treatment protocols that can be quickly applied to customers based on their background and measurement data. Automatic data collection makes tracking the progression of the treatment program easy and efficient. Multiple individual and group reports are available for outcome reporting. As a true full cloud service, the system can be accessed with a web-browser and mobile devices are fully supported.

EVE Web Access

Questionnaire Module

The questionnaire module adds comprehensive outcome questionnaire tracking capabilities to EVE Web Access. Questionnaires can be filled out with the EVE Info-Kiosk, a mobile device or a web-browser via an email link. The collection of outcomes can also be automated and scheduled. The module includes several standard questionnaires, and it has a flexible form editor for generating custom questionnaires. The collection of outcomes has never been this easy.

Questionnaire Module

Additional Exercise Module

Active therapy often includes additional elements on top of pure device-based exercises. The Additional Exercise Module extends EVE functionality to handle all kinds of exercises and stretching activities. These can be added and managed in customer programs just as device exercises. It has a versatile exercise editor that allows for custom exercise creation with instructional images and videos. Customers can use the Exercise-Kiosk, Info-Kiosk or their own mobile device to mark the exercises as done. The functionality includes home program management which can be printed out or directly sent out of the system as email attachments.

Additional Exercise Module

EVE Terminals

The EVE terminal is a full-color multi-functional touchscreen. Patients log in to each device with an RFID card. The display is user-friendly, making it easy to read and understand. The device settings are automatically adjusted, and users receive guidance on correct training parameters. The program on the screen guides patients through the training session and gives instant feedback on the quality of the performed training. Instructors can easily perform isometric and mobility tests using the testing view and the results are displayed in real-time. All measurement and exercise data is transferred via a network connection (wireless or wired) to the cloud server, and the data can be viewed in real-time with the EVE Professional Web Access server software.

EVE Terminal

EVE Info-Kiosk

The EVE Info-Kiosk is a multi-functional tool used by patients to register for a training session with an RFID card. It shows patients their exercise program, including the progress of current and past visits and provides up-to-date information to healthcare professionals. Patients’ pain data and other pre-programmed questionnaires can be filled out at the Info-Kiosk. Detailed exercise data is also available.

The Info-Kiosk works with an accurate touchscreen display. Available with a keyboard for therapist use.

Info Kiosk 

Cardio testing

With this new feature, EVE can be used to evaluate cardiovascular health and its progress. This supports David’s long-term goal of designing products that help our end customers in a holistic manner.

The submaximal validated cardio testing is safe, fast, and easy to perform. The test can be achieved with the medical versions of David Cycles (also recumbent cycle) and requires a Polar heart belt.

During the test, heart rate levels are recorded as the resistance level is increased automatically at a precalculated pace. The test ends when the predetermined heart rate threshold is reached. The result values are compared to validated reference values, and an IPN-score of 1-5 is given. The system also calculates an indirect VO2Max value and the recommended training heart rates for various cardio devices.

A graphical test report visualizing heart rate progression, step power levels, and results can be generated. The report includes progression trendlines if multiple tests have been performed. Also, along with the other results, the cardio test results are automatically included in the EVE case reports.

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