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DAVID es líder mundial en equipos de ejercicio basados en datos y cuenta con más de 600 instalaciones en centros médicos de Europa, América del Norte y del Sur, Australia y Asia. ¿Sufre dolores agudos o crónicos de espalda, cuello, hombros, cadera o rodilla? DAVID crea tecnología para el tratamiento de primera línea de dolencias ortopédicas o relacionadas con la columna vertebral.


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Increase your quality of life with DAVID Exercise Therapy

Safe and effective training with the DAVID Exercise Equipment

A well-designed exercise prevents harmful movements, is gentle on the joints but highly fatiguing for the muscles and can be easily fine-tuned for each individual. A team of experienced engineers and exercise specialists design our medical exercise equipment producing the most advanced rehabilitation technology.

The DAVID devices are classified as Electromechanical rehabilitation devices (Medical Class 1m) with measuring function (Directive 93/42/EEC).

Technology and Design

Evidence Based Exercise Therapy

Our principles are based on scientific facts and findings. This applies to both biomechanics in device designs as well as to training principles. We have conducted several validation and outcome studies over the past 25 years. These pages provide you with studies relating to biomechanics, medical outcomes, and economics.

The majority of the research is third-party publications carried out using DAVID devices. We have also included internal analyses to highlight clinical outcomes. The supporting studies section provides evidence-based justification for exercise therapy in general.

Scientific Evidence

Certified DAVID Instructors

Specialized David instructors work in each DAVID Reference Center. Because of this, we offer the best treatment for orthopedic and musculoskeletal disorders. The DAVID Academy is an e-learning platform with courses, information, and videos on how to make the most of the DAVID exercise equipment and EVE software. Instructors will learn to set up the patient to the devices correctly, complete mobility and strength tests, train with the correct movement, and understand the contraindications related to training and testing. Instructors will also learn about the functionalities of EVE, and how to best utilize the therapy software in practice.

DAVID Academy