The possibilities are endless

Health care professionals in more than 30 countries are the using the DAVID Exercise Therapy Solution and have been able to help millions of patients with musculoskeletal pain.

DAVID Exercise Therapy Solution has easily been replicated anywhere in the world with guaranteed, high-level results due to automated protocol planning, feedback-based adaptive loading progression, and pain monitoring throughout the program. Automation, biofeedback controlled self-training and web-based quality control system increase client throughput and significantly lower running costs.

The DAVID Solution is the result of years of clinical experience and scientific data, offering clients highly effective tools while ensuring positive patient outcomes in the field of rehabilitation and prevention. DAVID has created a precise concept that takes into account patient selection, evaluation, and subsequent treatment in simplistic detail.

With thousands of installations all over the world, DAVID’s unique design and special training experience for users have attracted different types of people with diverse backgrounds. Whether they are young, old, elite athletes or regular fitness club members, the DAVID Solution is suitable for a vast number of people. The DAVID Exercise Therapy Solution is constantly evolving and ensures quality that acknowledges the end user.