Exclusive insight into the business case for DAVID

In our latest exclusive webinar, David Health Solutions‘ CEO and Founder, Arno Parviainen, discussed the paradigm change in the physical therapy realm. The conversation focused on how device-based and data-driven exercise therapy is transforming musculoskeletal care. Medical device-based exercise therapy provides a rehabilitation center, hospital, or physiotherapy clinic with the possibility to increase patient care quantity without compromising quality. Moreover, data-driven technology supports doctors and physiotherapists in making the right treatment protocols. However questions remain. How can this create a profit? What is the practical business case for this? 

This article discusses a few interesting points from the webinar’s Business Case discussion. For more information, be sure to check out the full video which is linked at the end.

Does investing in new physiotherapy technology make financial sense?

The medical realm has been continuously growing and expanding with the latest and greatest in high-tech health care equipment and technology. However, this is not the trend in the world of physical therapy and rehabilitation. Here, people are the essential component and there is no changing this. However, technology has the possibility to support and develop this people-centric industry.

There are varying insurance-backed schemes around the world which affect the financial outlook of device-based exercise therapy programs. For example in Germany, insurance payers will reimburse device-based physiotherapy services with a ratio of 3 to 1, where one physiotherapist treats 3 patients simultaneously.


This is a win-win situation for insurance payers and physiotherapists.


This is a win-win situation as it cuts costs for insurance payers and allows physiotherapists to treat more patients. Many countries are slowly catching onto this and may very well be common global protocol in the years to come.


Do you have the patient numbers to make it work?

This question is at the core of understanding whether investing in device-based and data-driven exercise therapy makes financial sense. Volume is an important factor to consider when calculating how much profit or loss a clinic or medical center is able to generate. The equation below provides key insight into understanding whether or not you have the patient number to make this sort of model work.

david technology for profitable physiotherapy

In the full-length video, Arno provides an example (5:39) of how a clinic may calculate its cost of services, session price, and session cost.


Why does this make sense when we are in the middle of a global pandemic?

Currently, physiotherapy clinics and medical rehabilitation centers around the world are suffering due to mandatory lockdowns and strict restrictions. Clinics have had to either shut down completely or adhere to strict measures to ensure social distancing and hygiene are prioritized. For many clinics and centers this causes great financial strain.


„Device-based and data-driven exercise therapy allows clinics to continue operations despite pandemic restrictions.“


Looking forward, device-based and data-driven exercise therapy has the power to relieve this strain and allow clinics to continue operations despite restrictions. The reason for this, is that this model already limits 1 to 1 contact between physiotherapist and patient.


physiotherapy technology and software to treat pain


Patients can independently follow their treatment program and exercise on the DAVID devices while a physiotherapist follows along via the EVE software platform. Maintaining distance with other patients and following hygienic measures such as wearing a mask and/or gloves allows for a few patients to train at the same time.

The physiotherapist follows along from a tablet or desktop and can immediately notice changes or discrepancies in the patients‘ exercise compliance or feedback. With all data available in real-time the physiotherapist is able to act immediately when he or she notices something is wrong.


physiotherapy and rehabilitation software technology

Essentially, device-based and data-driven exercise therapy transforms physiotherapy treatment and answers to the global need for safe and hygienic social environments. Together with knowledgeable clinic personnel, this technology is transforming musculoskeletal care.