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DAVID Health Solution Ltd. is the world leader in rehabilitation solutions for musculoskeletal problems. Healthcare professionals in more than 40 (2023) countries are using DAVID Exercise Therapy Solution and have been able to help millions of patients with chronic and recurrent pain.

Specially designed exercise equipment with joint-specific isolation and loading curves guarantee a safe and pain-free training experience while a cloud-based, state-of-the-art IT system guides and motivates the patient and simultaneously collects all relevant data automatically for easy reporting.

The DAVID Solution is easily replicated anywhere in the world with guaranteed, high-level results. It offers automated protocol planning, feedback-based adaptive loading progression and pain monitoring throughout the program. Automation, bio-feedback-controlled self-training and a web-based quality control system increase patient throughput and significantly lower running costs for rehabilitation centers.

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History of DAVID

DAVID was established in 1981 by Arno Parviainen. The early years involved intensive loading principle development and other biomechanical features. Collaboration was close with Professor Paavo Komi from the University of Jyväskylä. Science papers published several articles validating the variable loading principle integrated into all devices. In the mid-80s, DAVID’s focus started to shift to device-based exercise in rehabilitation. The first product in this area was for knee rehabilitation using sophisticated training and testing technology, including EMG. In the early 90s, DAID introduced a revolutionary patented hip lock mechanism which allowed therapeutic exercises to be used for even the most severe back patients. The foundation of the David Spine Concept today is the comprehensive treatment program built around the technology. In 1999 Arno sold the company, but in 2008, an opportunity emerged to buy back the business, which Arno did with his son, Lauri, a medical doctor who had an IT company with projects in cloud computing. A series of development projects were initiated, and during the past 14 years, a cloud-based IT platform was introduced in 2010. All products were redesigned, including a completely new shoulder system. Today, DAVID has the world’s most advanced therapeutic exercise platform, but development continues in exciting new areas.

Word from the founder

You can learn more about the history of the DAVID Exercise Equipment in this video.

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