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Every patient has the right to the best treatment

Do you suffer from acute or chronic back, neck, shoulder, hip, or knee complaints? David Health Solutions is the first-line treatment for orthopedic or spine-related complaints. We work together with more than 400 reference centers around the world including hospitals, orthopedic centers, clinics for physiotherapy, and centers for elderly care with the most complete and advanced solutions. Our goal is to improve your Quality of Life.

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Testing and measuring

All David Reference Centers have access to advanced EVE software for testing and measurement. The EVE platform allows doctors, physiotherapists, and clinic personnel to closely monitor and follow the progress of rehabilitation.






Safe training with innovative rehabilitation equipment

When training with David devices at a David Reference Center you are assured of treatment with the most advanced rehabilitation equipment. This equipment is specially designed to improve your musculoskeletal pain complaints. David devices are safe and medically certified.





Treatment in a clean environment

At a David Reference Center we stand for quality and safety. Hygiene is one of our key points.






Certified David Instructors

Specialized David instructors work in each David Reference Center. Because of this, we offer the best treatment for orthopedic and musculoskeletal disorders.