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Evidence leads to non-surgical treatments

Strong scientific evidence shows that surgery is not the right treatment for many joint-related problems, including shoulder impingement, degenerative knee problems, and spine instability. Instead, it has been demonstrated that therapeutic exercises can be equally effective, with significantly fewer costs and risk of complications.

  • No evidence of long-term benefits of arthroscopic acromioplasty in the treatment of shoulder impingement syndrome, S.Ketola & al, Bone Joint Res 2013;2.
  • A Randomized Trial of Arthroscopic Surgery for Osteoarthritis of the Knee, Alexandra Kirkley, M.D & al, N Engl J Med 2008.
  • Spinal fusion for lumbar instability: does it have a scientific basis? Muggleton JM1, Kondracki M, Allen R. J Spinal Disord. 2000.

Seize the opportunity

These findings offer new and exciting opportunities for physical therapy. Our solution provides methods that are supported by medical guidelines. The DAVID Exercise Equipment brings continuity and stability to treatment design and the methods used are optimal for the end-user. With DAVID’s Exercise Therapy Solution, producing physical therapy services is less expensive and easier to scale economically. Detailed documentation enables precise tracking of improvement and thus increases credibility.

DAVID Exercise Therapy Solution is a comprehensive platform that fully benefits from these new opportunities.

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Prove your success

The DAVID Solution collects all relevant data from questionnaires, pain drawings, tests and exercises. These are automatically compiled from several sources including DAVID devices, email links, tablets, mobile phones and the Info-Kiosk. Data gathering is pre-programmed according to each treatment plan, which ensures that all data is collected with minimal human intervention.

All data is instantly available for reporting and analysis. With one click, an up-to-date status of any patient can be retrieved. All relevant center- or network-level data is available at all times for managers.

“Member- based prevention programs are a new revenue source for the center and increase customer loyalty.”

Produce value for patients affordably

Quality care does not need to be expensive to produce. Our solution allows physical therapists to focus on the patients’ motivation and well-being while modern technology takes care of the repetitive work precisely and safely. This increases patient satisfaction without driving up costs. In fact, the cost per session is significantly lower than with traditional physical therapy. The bulk of the work occurs in the first session when a new patient is introduced to the system. After this initial session, the physical therapist’s manual workload is dramatically reduced, and the therapist can concentrate on more critical tasks.

Turn your patients into members

Patients are quickly empowered by the ease of use of the DAVID Solution. After just a few visits, the patients are able to run through their routine without any hands-on help from the staff. This opens up a completely new business opportunity for health care providers: a member-based model for ex-patients and others who want to improve their quality of life. With steady recurring revenues, this model provides stability in your business with high member satisfaction that guarantees loyalty in all musculoskeletal needs.

Manage your center – anytime, anywhere

The EVE Cloud Service is the heart of the whole EVE platform. All the training information is stored on the server software allowing for a complete analysis of the treatment data. True to a full cloud service, the system can be accessed with a web-browser from any location. The cloud service offers several different functionalities. These include profile analysis, quality tracking of each movement, and qualitative and quantitative data for center management.

“All data is instantly available for reporting and analysis. With one click, an up-to-date status of any patient can be retrieved.”

Structured approach

No more inconsistent results from patient to therapist. Individualized programs can be applied in a structured and systematic way because all parameters are quantified and controlled. Programs are based on a diagnosis and test-based templates which reduce planning time to a minimum, while providing high predictability in outcomes.

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