High-Quality Physical Therapy at Circle Harmony in Shanghai, China

Circle Harmony is a multidisciplinary health centre in the heart of Shanghai’s economic and financial district. It is known for its excellent services and high-quality medical treatments. Extensive research was done for the physical therapy department to find the best solution for people with musculoskeletal problems. They ended up choosing the European company DAVID Health Solutions. DAVID has a long history of developing medical equipment for people with musculoskeletal complaints. Before the official opening on May 21, 2023, we spoke with Cindy. She is the head of the state-of-the-art physical therapy department within Circle Harmony and has more than 20 years of experience as a physical therapist. Cindy is originally from Taiwan and has worked in China for over 15 years.

The History of Circle Harmony

Circle Harmony, a British entity, was founded by famous Chinese state-owned enterprises and Fortune 500 companies in 2017; it is the first medical institution established by Circle Health UK in China. Circle Harmony has brought its innovative healthcare management system, the Managed Medical model, and the philosophy of high-quality services to hospital settings in China. Circle Harmony is committed to integrating high-quality medical resources from the Asian Medical Center Shanghai and creating an innovative and high-end medical service system. This is driven by health outcomes incorporating prevention, consultation, rehabilitation and healthcare in the picturesque historic building complex of Shanghai Ruijin InterContinental Hotel in the city centre of Shanghai.

Why did Circle Harmony choose the DAVID Spine concept?

Our target audience is generally people with busy jobs and families. They realize that good health is essential to function well and are eager to invest in their health. As therapists, we must create the best conditions for our clients to achieve optimal rehabilitation and lifestyle results. The DAVID Spine Concept from Finland, allows us to test and measure our clients extensively. By closely monitoring each workout of our clients and discussing the results with them, we provide insight into the progression of their rehabilitation or preventive lifestyle training program.

What makes the DAVID Spine Concept and EVE software so unique?

The unique features of the DAVID devices are the isolated way of training in all different movements. The equipment is so well-designed that it targets the correct muscle groups without other muscle groups compensating for the movement. As a result, training on the DAVID equipment is very safe and effective.

Training on the David equipment is very safe and ensures optimal training results.

Another unique feature is the software associated with the equipment. The advanced software system closely monitors every movement. The exercise program based on algorithms and Artificial Intelligence is adapted to the client-specific situation using diagnose-based exercise programs and the biofeedback system with program rules. Artificial Intelligence provides the client with the most optimized exercise program that is highly accurate and effective.

All Circle Harmony therapists are well trained and certified through the European DAVID Academy in adequately using the medical DAVID Spine Concept and EVE software.