G310 Hip Abduction Machine

The device movement is a safe and effective exercise for the hip joints that targets the hip abductors.

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Tackling the degeneration with movement

Human joints were designed by nature to last about 40 years. Degenerative diseases of the joints have become the main reason for pain and as a consequence, loss of life quality in the middle aged and elderly.

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Hip Abduction

The device movement is a safe and effective exercise for the hip joints. The exercise targets the hip abductors.

  • Sagittal hip angle 120o designed for improved muscle activation
  • Self adjusting movement arm length
  • Easy entry / range adjustment from the seat
  • Seat belt for additional stability during exercise
  • Optimal resistance curve
  • EVE integration with strength and mobility tests
  • Weight stack: 2,5/100 kg, 5.5/220 lbs

Target muscles

  • Gluteus medius
  • Gluteus minimus
  • Tensor fascia latae
Dimensions (Width, Length, Height)

112/132/137 cm, 44/52/54 in


299 kg, 659 lbs




Medical-CE device, class 1M

Isometric torque measurement points

0°, 15°, 30°

Product Codes

EUDAMED ID code: D-FIMF0000039869G31504DRL


Voltage: 110/240V 50/60Hz

Power: ~36W (~0.15A)

Weight stack

2.5/100 kg, 5.5/220 lbs