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EVE Premium Features

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Digitize patient workflows with Questionnaires, Patient forms and Calendar functionality

With the EVE Premium, you digitize all administrative tasks, such as periodically sending patients medical questionnaires and homework exercises. With the handy patient forms tool, you can create intake forms, contracts and informed consent and have them signed if necessary.

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Questionnaire Module

The questionnaire module in EVE premium offers the ability to send medical questionnaires digitally to patients or have them completed on entry via a QR code and tablet. The questionnaires can be bundled (for example, by diagnosis) and sent periodically. This avoids unnecessary administrative work. It is also possible to create your own questionnaires via the drag-and-drop editor.

  • Access to more than 20 ready-made and validated questionnaire forms in several languages
  • Built-in editor that enables creation of own questionnaires
  • Assign questionnaires to patients via email *
  • Create questionnaire reports and include questionnaire results in case reports
  • Gather questionnaire forms into questionnaire collections for easy handling
  • Create patient record forms that can be used as structured notes in patient cases

 *with limited functionality in stand-alone systems

Additional Exercise Module

EVE Premium’s Additional Exercise Module (available in several languages) allows you to add functional exercises to your training program or mail homework exercises to the patient. The homework exercises also work in conjunction with the Patient App.

  • Access to a ready-to-use exercise library with common exercises (> 300 exercises) and exercise descriptions in multiple languages
  • Creation of own exercise libraries
  • Gather exercises into exercise collections for easy handling
  • Add exercises/exercise collections to patient programs
  • Create home exercise programs that can be send via email* or print out as a pdf

*with limited functionality in stand-alone systems


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