How do you measure balance?

DAVID Balance powered by Ainone –  objective and accurate balance measurement solution

DAVID Balance concept uses Ainone Balance measurement application to assess balance and neurological performance in a simple and fast way. The Ainone Balance system consists of a balance measurement application, a mobile device and a sensor / heart rate monitor that connects to the application. The balance application is fully integrated into the EVE software which ensures that all balance data is stored in the patient’s case file.

The application produces a numerical value to provide a quantitative evaluation of the parameters of body sway. The product is intended for use by healthcare, social care and sports professionals to support the assessment of balance and detect changes in human health associated with balance parameters. The application allows advanced algorithms to objectively measure balance (sway area, sway length and speed standard deviation) and record the results of the measurements.

The Ainone Balance Measurement Application meets the requirements of the EC Directive 93/42/EEC Medical Devices Directive. More information of the background of the application can be found here.

Balance System

The “body sway” is commonly referred to as balance. Swaying consists of the constant small corrections made by the body, directed by the central nervous system (CNS), to maintain the desired posture.

The central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) receives information through three main sensory systems. The somatosensory, vestibular and visual systems. Swaying the body is an integration of this sensory feedback and the subsequent generation of corrective actions, stabilizing the body through selective muscle activation. Therefore, the complex process of maintaining balance is an important indicator of CNS functioning.

Early and effective assessment of this complex balance system can help professionals identify, understand and address potential problems.

Balance in human performance

The majority of healthcare and sports professionals understand the importance of balance in human performance, but balance assessment is still an underused element in clinical evaluation because of the limited access to quantitative, repeatable, and cost effective balance assessment solutions.

Musculoskeletal Treatment, Elderly Care, Neurological Physiotherapy, Athletic Rehabilitation, and most other areas of physical treatment can, and should, incorporate different elements of Neuro Performance assessment and training. Balance is an essential part of evaluating the overall human performance of the individual, and incorporating a high quality balance assessment into the process of defining a treatment plan will help to improve the overall treatment outcomes.

Healthcare and Sports professionals require up-to-date assessment tools, meaning accurate and financially feasible tools that will improve the initial neuro performance evaluation and assist in getting patients and customers on the correct treatment or training path as early as possible.

Why should balance training be a part of exercise programs?

The David Balance Concept consists of the following items:

  • Movesense sensor and a strap (Class IIa medical device)
  • Ainone Balance application (Class I medical device)
  • Standardized soft foam mattress for testing and training (size: 570x460x28mm)
  • Access to ready-to-use EVE Balance library
  • Access to common balance questionnaires and balance evaluation forms (e.g. SPPB)
  • Printable balance reports

NOTE: The app works with an Android tablet. The tablet is not included in the product. 

Movesense sensor (Class IIa medical device)

DAVID Balance powered by Ainone utilizes a Movesense sensor in conjunction with the EVE software application to provide healthcare and sports professionals with the opportunity to evaluate the patient/customer balance. Using different balance assessment protocols, which can be chosen based on individual assessment requirements, information about individual’s’ balance can be evaluated and documented comprehensively.

The assessment information is not diagnostic information

The assessment information is not diagnostic information, but provides the healthcare professionals with important information of Neuro Performance for the evaluation, planning, progression, and outcomes of the treatment process making balance evaluation and training an integral part of the treatment.





Ainone Balance application (Class I medical device)

Ainone Balance® is a Class I medical device – MDD 93/42/EEC (ISO 13485), and intended to be used by healthcare and sports professionals.

The Ainone Balance results are non-diagnostic and are meant to provide the healthcare professionals with valuable information of person’s balance that can be analyzed and utilized within the context of each individual’s situation.


Access to EVE Balance library

With the Balance functionality, you will have access to DAVID Balance Library. The library includes balance exercises with different difficulty level. You can also select exercises that target the vestibular system (exercises with eyes closed, eye movement or head movement) or exercises that target more on the proprioception (exercises done on soft surface). The exercises can be filtered using different keywords to help selecting a correct exercise based on the test results.

EVE Balance library

Access to balance questionnaires and balance evaluation forms

With the Balance functionality, the user will have access to some of the most well-known balance questionnaires and test batteries. With the questionnaires you may clarify patients’ own perception of their balance or detect their fall history. The balance test batteries (such as Berg Balance Scale, SPPB) can be used to complement the objective measurements done with the measurement application.

EVE Balance Questionnaire

Balance report

All balance data is stored into the EVE system. Balance test results are presented in an easy-to-read balance report which can be viewed in the EVE system or printed as a PDF. With the comprehensive report, results can be easily discussed with the patient and a training schedule for balance exercises can be established.

View balance report

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