“Exercise therapy is the only solution that has taken their pain away”

Peik Erla has been operating a private physiotherapy clinic near Oslo in Økern, Norway for 38 years. For the past 26 years, Peik’s clinic has trusted in DAVID technology to treat people suffering from back and neck pain. Learn more about Peik’s back center at Økern Fysikalske Institutt.

26 years of successful device-based exercise therapy at Økern

The DAVID Spine Solution has been an important part of Peik’s physiotherapy work for the last 26 years. In 1995, Peik brought the F-line devices and in 2015 upgraded to the G-line Spine Solution with the state-of-the-art EVE software system.

Along with the DAVID device-based exercise therapy treatment program, the physiotherapy clinic also offers one-to-one physiotherapy services. However, for people with back and neck problems the individualized DAVID treatment program offers successful pain relief.

best physiotherapy treatment in Okern, Norway


One physiotherapist can see over 20 patients a day with the help of EVE Software

The Økern Fysikalske Institutt includes Peik as the clinic owner, a physiotherapist, and a manual therapist. Peik runs the David Spine exercise therapy program by himself and sees about 20 patients a day. With the devices, he can help several customers at the same time.

While they exercise and go through their treatment program, Peik uses the EVE software as a virtual assistant to follow his patients progression and check their compliance scores.


“Customers like the DAVID devices because they can follow their exercises on the device screen.” 


When new customers come in, Peik goes through the isometric strength and mobility testing using the DAVID devices. He then goes through the EVE report with the person to see what areas need improvement. With the help of EVE, the therapist creates an individualized treatment program for the person. They come to the clinic 2-3 times a week to complete their program.

“Customers like the DAVID devices because they can follow their exercise on the device screen.” This helps them follow the correct range of motion and speed for each specific exercise, and significantly decreases the risk of injury.

best back pain treatment in Okern, Norway


Patient success stories from Økern Physiotherapy

“Some patients have suffered from back pain for up to 30 years. Many have started with DAVID 15 years ago, and since then all the pain is gone. Many of my patients say they will continue visiting the clinic and using DAVID until the day they die. This is simply because of the significant pain relief they have achieved.”

Over the years Peik has witnessed several success stories of people who have been determined and persistent with their exercise therapy programs at the Økern physiotherapy clinic. A few of these are shared below.


Anette, 30 years

“The best thing is that I can finally be the mom my son deserves”

Anette worked as a PT for 10 years and began experiencing neck problems a little over 2 years ago. The pain only got worse and worse and eventually she was put on sick leave. She came to us after trying a variety of treatments without success. After 1 month of treatment, she felt better for the first time in 2 years. After a few months of treatment, she has now started working again.

Bodil, 77 years

“I got a new life! And I will never stop”

Bodil struggled with severe back pain for almost 30 years. She tried several therapies including with a chiropractor and other forms of treatment without getting better. In 2008 she came to the Økern Fysikalske Institutt and began training on the David devices. Regular exercise means that she no longer experiences back pain.

Andreas, 31 years old

“The training itself is fun and exciting with all the help I get from the screen that guides me through all the exercises”

After a period of a lot of hard work, renovation of houses and apartments, Andreas got a sore back. He started treatment in 2018 and feels that he has become strong while reducing pain.


We at David Health Solutions are thrilled to share clinic stories and expand our reference pages. For more information please visit the clinic’s webpage and the Økern Fysikalske Institutt reference page.

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