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Typically just 1 out of 10 patients seeking help for musculoskeletal pain is indicated for surgery. The rest are referred to non-surgical treatments, mostly physiotherapy. But because running structured and profitable physiotherapy services is difficult, few orthopedic centers offer these services.

DAVID Exercise Therapy Solution opens up new opportunities for orthopedic centers with a turn-key solution to keep these patients, profitably.





Turn non-surgical services into a new profit center

The DAVID Solution can turn physiotherapy into a medical and economic success. Structured programs, easy-to-use devices with automatic adjustments and visual feedback minimizes therapist intervention and maximizes patient throughput. Automated data collection reduces bureaucracy substantially while providing a new level of evidence in outcomes.


“It’s been demonstrated that with degenerative joint problems therapeutic exercise can be as equally effective as surgery but with less costs and risks of complications.”

Be a forward-thinker

Recent studies show that active therapy can be as equally effective as surgery in treating many joint problems. Third parties such as insurance companies are taking note of these new findings.  Medical guidelines in several countries have started to recommend active therapy as the primary tool in the treatment of these problems if not otherwise indicated. Orthopedic centers which include documented programs in line with these guidelines are viewed favorably as forward-thinking partners.

High quality of care done affordably

Quality care does not need to be expensive to produce. Our solution allows physiotherapists to focus on patient motivation and well-being while modern technology takes care of the repetitive work precisely and safely.  This increases patient satisfaction without driving up costs. In fact, the cost per session is significantly lower than with traditional physiotherapy. The bulk of the work occurs in the first session when a new patient is introduced. After this, the physiotherapist’s manual workload is dramatically reduced and can focus on more critical tasks.

“The main reason why the DAVID Solution is more profitable than traditional physiotherapy is the ability to provide the same or better service level with less human resources.”

Turn your patients into members

Patients are quickly empowered by the ease of use of the DAVID Solution. After just a few visits, they are able to run their routine without any hands-on help by the staff. This opens up a completely new business opportunity for health care providers: a member-based model for ex-patients and others who want to improve their quality of life. With steady recurring revenues, this model provides stability in your business and high member satisfaction guarantees loyalty in all musculoskeletal needs.



A new solution to transform your orthopedic center

Read more about the solution from the link below. At the bottom of the page you can download a white paper which explains more in detail the scientific, technical and economic background of the DAVID Solution. You can also contact us for more information. The best way to understand the uniqueness of the solution is to see and try it yourself in practice. We are more than happy to organize such a visit.

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