Automatic Weight Selection is the latest feature for DAVID exercise equipment

AWS (Automatic Weight Selection) makes DAVID medical exercise equipment more user-friendly than ever. This new feature is available for all DAVID exercise devices. How does AWS work? What are the benefits of AWS when considering medical exercise equipment for your center or clinic? 

Automatic Weight Selection is the latest feature for DAVID exercise equipment

Automatic Weight Selection for medical exercise devices

The AWS feature replaces the visible weight stack in the exercise device. Now, instead of selecting the weight manually based on what the terminal screen says, the device automatically selects the correct weight resistance for the patient. So when a patient shows their card to the terminal, the device adjusts the seat, footplate, and weight resistance for the patient. The patient can easily begin their exercise without worrying about selecting the correct weight resistance.


User-friendly exercise equipment for rehabilitation and pain relief

The AWS feature helps patients focus on what is important, and that is their exercise therapy. When a patient visits a DAVID reference center, after their initial consultation, the therapist will set up the patient to the DAVID devices. This includes setting the correct weight resistance, range of motion, and speed. The EVE software stores this data for that patient. The therapist can also easily edit and adjust the treatment program in EVE.

Once the patient begins their treatment program, they are free to focus on their treatment journey. Since EVE stores all exercise parameters such as correct weight resistance, range of motion, and speed, the patient does not need to worry about remembering any of their training parameters. This also helps therapists as they can access each patient’s treatment program from EVE to see all data. This includes important information on how the patient succeeded in the exercise and what feedback they gave.

David’s AWS devices are a user-friendly solution to device-based medical exercise therapy.

Clinic support for AWS devices

David Academy now contains a course for clinic managers and physiotherapists on how to use AWS. This also includes instructional videos for troubleshooting support. David Academy is a useful e-learning platform to get the most out of the David devices and EVE software.

For more information, watch the video below:
Watch the AWS video here