“DAVID technology collects objective data that supports physical therapists like me”

Tod Dalby is a physical therapist in the US who has been working with DAVID technology for the past 11 years. Over the past decade, Tod has witnessed how active rehabilitation transforms patients’ lives. This blog article shares Tod’s thoughts on how the DAVID solution stands out.

Tod Dalby is a physical therapist in the US who has been working with DAVID equipment for the past 11 years. He was first introduced to the devices at the University of Arkansas Medical Center.

These days, however, Tod works as a physical therapist in a clinic in northwest Arkansas which focuses on treating and preventing back, neck, shoulder, hip & knee problems. The services of the clinic include musculoskeletal health risk prevention for corporate clients as well as treatment for injured employees under Workers’ Compensation insurance program.

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Active rehabilitation with the DAVID solution

Active rehabilitation with the DAVID devices has proven to be very valuable. Dalby says, “After working with the DAVID equipment for the years that I have, I have been able to notice a major difference in patient response and outcomes that are much improved over the traditional physical therapy modalities.” The DAVID solution has not only transformed the operations of his clinic but also the patients’ lives. “The change that it makes in peoples’ lives has encouraged me to continue working and trying to promote this type of medical exercise.”


“Objective data gives a physical therapist the ability to plan and execute a more effective plan of restoration for chronic back pain sufferers.”



“For me, the primary advantage of the system is the ability to obtain objective data that gives a physical therapist the ability to plan and execute a much more effective plan of restoration for chronic back pain sufferers” says Tod. 


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Back pain patient success stories that inspire

The DAVID Spine Solution works to treat an array of spine disorders, even severe ones such as scoliosis. This capability is unique to the DAVID Spine Solution. 

Tod Dalby loves working as a physical therapist with the DAVID devices because of the inspiring success stories. He has seen many patients get help for their chronic pain and impaired function of the spine and joints. Specifically rewarding is to be able to treat patients even with severe scoliosis.

In one case, a professional golfer had scoliosis when he was 15, Harrington rods in place from T1 to S1, and was in terrible pain. After one year of active rehabilitation with the DAVID equipment his pain decreased. Also, the EVE report showed a huge improvement in his spinal function. This professional golfer went on to win his first PGA tournament that same year.

Another major success story is that of a 15-year-old girl also with scoliosis. She was already scheduled to have surgery to have rods implanted into her spine. She was in terrible pain and could not play any sports. But, after 6 weeks of active exercise therapy and rehabilitation with the DAVID Spine Solution, she went back to her doctor. After a medical evaluation, the doctor told her to “keep doing what you’re doing,” because she no longer needed surgery. In 6 weeks, the curve in her spine was reduced by 9°, she was no longer in pain, and back to playing soccer.

“The scoliosis results are dramatic but there are many more similarly dramatic examples of patients that had suffered with back and neck pain for 20 or more years. These people had been everywhere, tried everything, some having had surgery. After completing the DAVID exercise therapy program, these same people walked away pain free wondering why they hadn’t been sent there first.”


How does the DAVID solution stand out?

So, how does the DAVID concept stand out from its competitors? According to Tod Dalby, “The DAVID system not only provides comprehensive treatment and preventive care for spine and joint problems, it actually is the only system that would allow us to treat severe problems such as scoliosis. This is because we have complete control over motion and loading to balance the body. We can load different structures with motion and strength in order to correct curves in a scoliotic spine.”

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