Dr. Kienbacher Training – Liesing

Austria | Physiotherapy Center | Hip and Knee Devices, Shoulder Devices, Spine Devices

Dr. Kienbacher Training is an institute for medical strength training that specializes in preventive and rehabilitative training. The network of physiotherapy centers are spread around Vienna and locations include Liesing, Dornbach, Stadlau, Penzing, and Tulln.

Porschestrasse 29

1230, Wien


+43 1 699976565


“When I had to go to hospital because of cervical spine problems, I was looking for a solution to continue cycling. Training colleagues then recommended Dr. Kienbacher, where I have been doing my exercises weekly for almost 10 years. Since then I feel much better and my back, neck and abdominal muscles have improved and I can live pain-free.” – Gerhard H., patient

Dr. Kienbacher Training – Liesing