Enhancing Healthcare and Sports Performance with DAVID Balance powered by Ainone

In today’s dynamic world, where precision and objectivity are paramount in healthcare and sports performance, the DAVID Balance concept emerges as a revolutionary solution. Leveraging the innovative DAVID Balance measurement application, this system offers an objective and accurate balance measurement solution that transforms the assessment and training of balance-related parameters. Let’s delve deeper into the features and benefits of this cutting-edge technology.


Objective Balance Measurement

The DAVID Balance measurement application, integrated seamlessly into the EVE software, provides healthcare and sports professionals with a quantitative evaluation of balance parameters. The application comprehensively explains an individual’s balance capabilities by assessing parameters such as sway area, sway length, and speed standard deviation. This objective measurement is a valuable tool in detecting changes in human health associated with balance parameters, allowing for early intervention and tailored treatment plans.

Comprehensive Assessment

The DAVID Balance concept caters to a wide range of professionals, including those in healthcare, social care, and sports. With its advanced algorithms and standardized protocols, the system enables professionals to assess balance and neurological performance swiftly and accurately. Whether in musculoskeletal treatment, elderly care, neurological physiotherapy, or athletic rehabilitation, the DAVID Balance concept is pivotal in evaluating overall human performance and defining treatment or training pathways.

Incorporating Neuro Performance Assessment

Balance assessment is often underutilized in clinical evaluation due to the lack of access to quantitative and cost-effective solutions. However, the DAVID Balance concept addresses this gap by incorporating high-quality balance assessment into the treatment process. By integrating neuro performance assessment and training, healthcare and sports professionals can enhance treatment outcomes and improve patient/customer satisfaction.

Key Components of the DAVID Balance Concept

The DAVID Balance concept comprises several essential components to facilitate comprehensive balance assessment and training:

  1. Movesense Sensor: Utilizing a Movesense sensor, a Class IIa medical device, in conjunction with the EVE software application, professionals can evaluate balance using different assessment protocols tailored to individual needs.
  2. DAVID Balance by Ainone Application: The DAVID Balance application, a Class I medical device compliant with the Medical Devices Directive, provides objective balance measurement and documentation. Its non-diagnostic results offer valuable insights for professionals to analyze and utilize within the context of each individual’s situation.
  3. Access to EVE Balance Library: Professionals gain access to the DAVID Balance Library, featuring a variety of balance exercises with different difficulty levels. Exercises targeting the vestibular system or proprioception can be selected based on test results, enhancing the effectiveness of training programs.
  4. Balance Questionnaires and Evaluation Forms: The system includes well-known balance questionnaires and test batteries, such as the Berg Balance Scale and SPPB, to complement objective measurements. These tools aid in clarifying patients’ perception of balance and detecting fall history.
  5. Balance Report: All balance data is stored in the EVE system and presented in a comprehensive report format. This user-friendly report facilitates discussions with patients and enables the establishment of personalized training schedules for balance exercises.



The DAVID Balance concept, powered by Ainone, represents a significant advancement in objective and accurate balance measurement solutions. By integrating state-of-the-art technology with standardized protocols, this system empowers healthcare and sports professionals to enhance treatment outcomes, improve patient/customer satisfaction, and optimize overall human performance. Embrace the future of balance assessment and training with the DAVID Balance concept for a healthier and more resilient society.