EVE Web Access

The EVE Web access is a cloud service that helps treatment professionals to manage their patient’s treatment pathways. It has functionality to design intelligent diagnose based treatment protocols that can be quickly applied to customers based on their background and measurement data. Automatic data collection makes treatment program progression tracking easy and efficient. Multiple individual and group reports are available for outcome reporting. As a true full cloud service, the system can be accessed with a web-browser and mobile devices are fully supported.

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EVE Web Access

General features

  • Used with a regular modern web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera)
  • Responsive design with tablet and mobile support
  • Fluent operation with 3G-connection bandwith
  • Automatic hourly and daily backups
  • Documented API and HL7 integration support
  • Multiple supported languages: English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Finnish, Swedish,  Basque, Korean, Czech, Polish, Italian, Bulgarian, Romanian. (coming soon: Turkish, Ukrainian & Arabic)
  • Standalone server and virtualization options available for customers with dedicated data-centres

Center management features

Center administration

  • Center contact details
  • Center configuration
  • Public API management
  • Multi-center collaboration configuration
  • Customization with own logos and colors
  • User accounts, access levels and RFID-tag assignment
  • Center device configuration and authorization
  • Customizable customer groups and categories

Program templates

  • Template creation and editing
  • Support for complex and repeatable program structures
  • Intelligent feedback based program and progression rules
  • Cardio workout design with a graphical interval editor
  • Template XML import and export
  • Template sharing to collaborative centers


Customer management features

Customer administration

  • Contact information
  • RFID-tag management with support for multiple simultaneous tags
  • Customer language and other settings
  • ICD-10 diagnose codes
  • Customer groups and categories management
  • Customer excel import

Customer cases and notes

  • Treatment episode open and close dates
  • Case reason and diagnose code management
  • Support for case categories to improve management and reporting
  • Customer activity related notes and files
  • Customer activity filtering with case and activity type
  • Case report compiles information from notes, questionnaires, tests and treatment programs to a single outcomes report

Measurement functionality

  • Support for spine, hip & knee and shoulder tests
  • Mobility, isometric strength, static fatigue and dynamic fatigue tests
  • Age, gender, height and weight dependent reference data
  • Graphical profile reporting
  • Cardio testing with reference data and reporting

Outcome questionnaire functionality

  • Pain questionnaire for shoulder, neck, back and hip/knee
  • Pain drawing with touch support
  • Configurable pain questionnaire prompting intervals
  • Pain progression report
  • Expandable with the EVE Questionnaire Module to support any outcomes questionnaire

Treatment programs

  • Program creation from templates using customer measurements, reference data previous programs as data sources
  • Flexible editor with the possibility to add, remove and modify exercises and sets
  • Support for weight and cardio devices and can be extended to support any exercises with the Additional Exercise Module
  • Support for multiple simultaneous programs
  • Intelligent program rule management
  • Exercise metrics and quality tracking with movement visualization
  • Visit and treatment program reports


Group reporting functionality

  • Group filtering: timeframe, age, gender, customer  category and case category
  • Group profile report for spine, hip & knee and shoulder
  • Center activity report
  • Customer visit report
  • Excel data export: customers, tests, cases, visits and questionnaires