“For chronic back pain, we want to eliminate the causes and not just the symptoms”

The CRIMED physiotherapy clinic in Poděbrady, Czech Republic focuses on a holistic approach to treating patients with musculoskeletal pain. In this article, Director and Co-owner Kamila Votrubová shares the clinic’s philosophy and how the clinic utilizes DAVID Spine Solution helps treat back and neck pain patients.

I am Kamila Votrubová, an adaptable, conscientious, enthusiastic and self-motivated manager with with 18 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Since October 2020, I have been the director and co-owner of CRIMED Clinic. Our clinic is a growing organization, with 26 employees currently. Our philosophy is to look at the client as a whole.

Physiotherapy in Poděbrady to reduce back pain


CRIMED physiotherapy takes a holistic approach to pain treatment

CRIMED is an orthopedic rehabilitation clinic and we specialization in all musculoskeletal disorders in both adults and children. We mostly specialize in chronic back pain. The majority of our patients come into our clinic with back problems. That is why we rely on the DAVID Spine Solution.

Our philosophy is to look at the client as a whole. We do not want to simply eliminate the symptoms of the disease, but rather to cure the disease and eliminate the causes. At CRIMED we try to integrate all the necessary methods including classic allopathic medicine, modern instrumental diagnostics, laboratory tests and everything else that modern medicine offers. We have a long-term systematic approach to solving the problem. Our goal is to significantly increase the quality of life of our clients.


“We do not want to simply eliminate the symptoms of the disease, but rather cure the disease and eliminate the causes”.


The clinic consists of 3 medical clinics for orthopedic, musculoskeletal and sports medicine. In addition, we have 6 fully equipped rooms for individual physiotherapy or massages. We also provide services as IV Therapy – Infusion Therapy, full range of electrotherapy procedures and relaxation procedures. For our chronic back pain patients, we trust in the DAVID Spine Solution.

Crimed physiotherapy for back pain relief


Medical exercise therapy is beneficial for chronic back pain patients

As mentioned, most of our incoming patients have back problems. Some even come in with severe chronic back pain. The majority of our patients come via doctor referrals from hospitals or word of mouth.

First, patients have a consultation with our doctor to see if they are suitable for training with the David Spine devices. When are cleared for training, every patient will go through the diagnostic and testing on each of the 6 different spine devices. Testing shows mobility and isometric strength values of the person’s spine.


The initial EVE report shows deficiencies in spinal isometric strength and mobility.


After the initial evaluation and testing, the physiotherapist goes through the EVE patient report results with them. Here, the physiotherapist and client can both observe any specific functional problems that the physiotherapist notices through the testing. This includes deficiencies in spinal isometric strength and mobility. The EVE report shows how the client compares to reference values. These reference values are based on the results for a healthy spine in relation to the client’s age, gender, height, and weight.

Together, the physiotherapist and patient discuss treatment goals for decreasing pain and increasing strength and mobility. The treatment program lasts for 12 weeks with 2 visits per week.


Crimed physiotherapy for back pain relief


Device testing simplifies the pain treatment process

With the EVE software platform, it is easy as a physiotherapist to prescribe the appropriate amount of weight and range of motion. This saves the physiotherapist time and they can be rest assured that the David EVE system has set an appropriate amount of work that the patient can handle. Each patient’s workload is individualized and specific. The EVE platform also makes it easy to adjust these as the patient’s treatment program progresses.


Preventative treatment is important to reduce injury risk factors.


After the pain treatment program is over, many of our clients continue exercise therapy with a preventative treatment program. They are so happy with their results that they do not want to lose the progress they have made. This prevention medicine provides clients who are healthy and injury free, a safe and effective way to train their back and neck and take charge of their own fitness and health journey.  Preventative treatment is important as it helps reduce many of the injury risk factors from arising in the future.

David Solutions has helped backed the clinic with data driven clinical information. Which can be followed up with the patients through initial and post testing. This allows us to follow up any problems that arises throughout the exercise phase. We can look back and pinpoint specific pain areas using the pain questionnaire. Then, we adapt the program by either increasing or decreasing the workload.


EVE simplifies our clinic’s manual work and digitizes training information

The EVE system provides patient with the direct stimulus needed for motivation to complete treatment. Patient are able to see the number of repetitions required to complete each exercise. The EVE system has helped support our clinic with data driven clinical information. This drives productivity and delivers a specific individualized program to each patient.


Successful patient stories prove the benefits of medical exercise therapy

I enjoy seeing how our holistic approach to treating chronic back pain helps people every day. The EVE report below shows one of my favorite patient success stories. Here, the patient’s initial testing results are in black. The final testing results after the 12-week program are in blue.


back pain progress report with medical exercise therapyWith the David Spine treatment program, this patient was able to significantly increase spinal mobility and isometric strength. As it shows in the patient’s EVE report, the biggest improvement has come from the Lumbar & Thoracic spine region. There was nearly a 50% increase in Rotation and Lateral Flexion (Left & Right).


At CRIMED, we are committed to treating back pain with a holistic approach.


For more information, please visit the CRIMED reference clinic webpage, or CRIMED’s own clinic webpage!


Crimed physiotherapy for back pain relief