How do I ensure a safe and accessible physiotherapy clinic?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be difficult for people to have access to physiotherapy and exercise therapy services. The Nordic Health clinic in Helsinki, Finland has remained open to provide customers with 24/7 access. How does the clinic ensure a safe and hygienic training environment? What do customers think about visiting the exercise therapy clinic during a pandemic?

A new normal ensures safe exercise training for all customers

The Nordic Health clinic is open 24/7 to its customers. With special keychains, people can access the clinic at any time. Tuesdays and Thursdays are allocated training days for those customers in the COVID 19 risk group. “The current situation has been challenging but the safety of our customers has always been the most important to us” says the clinic manager Sirkka.


“The NH clinic is a pleasant space to exercise because it is clean and there are people to interact with”


Cleaning of the devices also occurs twice a day. Customers are also advised to clean the pads that are close to the face. When there are several people exercising at the same time, it is clinic policy that everyone wears face masks. The clinic also provides latex or cotton gloves for people to use during exercise.

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“The environment is safe when there are several of us training. It creates a pleasant space to exercise because it is clean and there are people to interact with” says Nordic Health customer Kari Salonen.

Exercise therapy boosts health and quality of life

For Kari Salonen, visiting the Nordic Health clinic has been important in many ways, from post-op rehabilitation to boosting his quality of life.

Kari was introduced to Nordic Health from a neighbor who encouraged him to visit the clinic. After his hip replacement surgery, Kari booked an initial appointment with Sirkka. The treatment goal was to strengthen the hurt left side.

When creating an exercise program for Kari, Sirkka was cautious with the Hip & Knee devices. For his left side, Sirkka made sure that Kari’s initial settings included very low weights and limited range of motion curves for his left side.


“The devices are nice to exercise with because it feels like I am receiving continuous guidance”


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“The devices are nice to train with because it feels like I am receiving continuous guidance when I exercise” says Kari. By following the device screen, Kari can see his movement in real-time and follow the prescribed range of motion. “It’s great that the devices can be totally personalized to my needs. I can even feel my left side getting stronger”.

Personalized care for treating musculoskeletal disorders

The weight load for Kari’s left leg has increased at a slow pace to ensure that the exercise is safe but still effective. For Kari, the program slowly increases the weight load for his left leg and depends on the feedback he gives on the device screen after completing an exercise. The same is done for his right leg to ensure that a strength imbalance does not occur.


“All features of the person’s treatment program can be personalized and modified at any time to better fit the individual’s pain complaints and situation.”


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These personalized program settings are done in the EVE software platform and can be edited for each patient individually. All features of the person’s treatment program can be personalized to fit the individual’s pain complaints and situation. As the treatment progresses, clinic personnel can continuously update the patient’s program to better fit the person’s needs.

“With the DAVID devices, I’m confident that the exercises are safe”

The Nordic Health clinic has the DAVID Spine, Hip & Knee, and Shoulder Solutions to provide safe exercise for musculoskeletal disorders and prevention care.

“Once a new person joins Nordic Health, we show them all of the devices in their personalized training program and go through the different settings.” At the next visit, the devices automatically adjust the seat height to the person when they log in with their RFID card. The screen also tells the patient the correct weight load to use and guides the patient to do the exercise with the correct range of motion and speed.

“After the initial visit, our customers can independently do their training program. During the day we are there to help answer questions, offer guidance, and update a person’s treatment program to fit their needs” says Sirkka. Customers also notice the difference.


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“The devices are not like what you find in a regular gym. With these, I’m not scared that I will hurt myself or do any wrong movements. At my age, I know I will not get much stronger. For me, it is important to focus on maintaining my health and strength that I have now.” One customer says as she trains with her husband. The couple visits the Nordic Health clinic twice a week. This has helped keep a routine in their lives with everything else being closed.

Physiotherapy appointments are also beneficial for many

The Nordic Health clinic also provides one-on-one physiotherapy appointments with Laura, the clinic’s physiotherapist.

“Hygienic measures are taken seriously. Both my patient and I wear masks during the appointment and while exercising on the devices in the main part of the clinic” says Laura.

For more information on the Nordic Health clinic in Helsinki, please visit their website and reference page.