How Malaysia’s Manipal Hospitals Klang clinic motivates patients to continue recovery

The Physiotherapy Center at Manipal Hospitals Klang in Malaysia is a state-of-the-art facility with an array of services, including the full range of DAVID devices and technology. The General Manager, Threeranjeet Kaur (Kiran), tells us more about how their physiotherapy center operates within the hospital, what doctors and patients think about the David system, and also how the current pandemic has affected their operations.

A physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinic for an array of patients

I am Threeranjeet Kaur (Kiran), the General Manager and practicing physiotherapist at the rehabilitation clinic located at Manipal Hospitals Klang (MHK), Malaysia. I have 23 years of dedicated experience in formulating and executing various therapy programs and performing patient’s assessments, evaluation, and treatment plans for patients.

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The physiotherapy center is an external service provider for MHK in the field of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. The center operates with the full range of DAVID devices including the latest G-line SpineShoulder, and Hip & Knee Concepts. The clinic is familiar with the David technology as they initially installed the F-line for Spine and Hip & Knee Concepts back in 2016. In 2018, the clinic eagerly upgraded to the G-line from the F-line range of DAVID equipment. The clinic offers a wide range of services including treatment for patients with:

  • musculoskeletal pain including lower back, neck and hip & knee
  • frozen shoulder, scoliosis, arthritis
  • sports injuries, traumatic injuries, & work-related injuries
  • post- hip replacements & knee replacements
  • pre & post natal care
  • post-operative procedure
  • stroke rehabilitation
  • obesity & weight loss program and more.

The physiotherapy center caters to both in-patients and out-patients, so it gets quite busy as we can see 70 patients in one day. Most are referred by the hospital’s doctors, while others come to the clinic after hearing great things about the treatment program. The physiotherapy center is open for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, excluding public holidays. This is beneficial for out-patients as they can come after work to visit the clinic. Malaysia is a country that is the melting pot of Asia. We have patients coming from different cultural backgrounds. Hence, our team is made up of a diverse group and are able to communicate to patients in 7 different languages.


Innovative exercise therapy technology Exercises are made easy with the EVE Exercise-Kiosk.


A common language between doctor, physiotherapist, and patient

The David Concept includes the EVE platform which helps doctors, physiotherapists, and patients speak the same language and improve communication about the patient’s recovery journey. The EVE system allows us to send reports to doctors very easily. It’s easy to use the same report to communicate with both the doctor and patient.


It’s easy to use the same report to communicate with both the doctor and patient.


The EVE system is one of a kind and a very useful tool to analyze and motivate patients. The concept focuses on the targeted muscles and assists in faster recovery. We don’t have to sit down and do manual assessments with patients either. All of the mobility and strength assessment can be done with the devices and the data is automatically collected and stored. At the MHK physiotherapy clinic, physiotherapists can help 3-4 patients at one time thanks to the David devices.


EVE software encourages and motivates the clinic’s patients

The patients that visit the physiotherapy center have learned the power of movement. There are no quick fixes and it is all about moving to improve one’s health. The patients show a lot of interest towards the treatment program because the software is so motivating.

We have an elderly group that comes in to exercise together and they are motivated by seeing the compliance score. Some of them even have friendly competition to see who can have the better compliance scores from the exercises.


innovative technology for shoulder pain treatmentTraining on the David G460 Diagonal Shoulder Abduction device.


The pandemic does not stop the clinic from operating

During this COVID-19 pandemic, we have been facing many challenges as any other industry. The Malaysian Government has implemented a movement control order, or lock down, whereby only emergency cases are allowed to seek medical intervention.

Alternatively, we check on the progress of the patients who have temporarily withheld their treatment due to the lock down. We call to check on their condition and request them to carry our their home program. Consultations are given via phone calls if they need any further clarification. This helps us maintain good interpersonal relationships with our dear patients.


We call to check on their condition and request them to carry out their home program. 


Thankfully, the hospital is beginning to implement a protocol in which patients can be admitted by doing COVID-19 screening in an isolated room for pre-admission. The test results are ready within 24 hours, and with a negative result the patient can continue physiotherapy at the center. Both patient and therapist will be wearing a face mask and have to sanitize hands before and after treatment to ensure hygienic safety.

During this time, the physiotherapy center will take 5 to 7 patients in at a time for one hour treatment sessions. After the session, the area and devices are disinfected properly. These times are challenging for us all but we look forward to continue helping our patients improve their lives.

The Manipal Hospitals Klang can be found on Facebook here. Be sure to check out their reference page on our website as well.

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog on patient success stories from the hospital’s physiotherapy center!