How will EVE support your rehabilitation journey?

Every patient has the right to the best possible treatment. Our solution for treating musculoskeletal care includes the world’s most sophisticated software platform, EVE. EVE helps throughout the rehabilitation journey. The platform motivates patients when they exercise, tracks their progress, and continually improves the patient’s treatment program. But what does this mean when you begin your treatment program? How does EVE help when you are exercising? How will EVE safely and effectively support your rehabilitation journey?

EVE is an exercise assistant that helps every step of the way

DAVID technology can be found in hundreds of locations around the world. Several of these centers are on our Reference page. Once you begin your treatment program at one of these hospitals, medical centers, or physiotherapy clinics, your clinic therapist will introduce you to EVE.

EVE helps during the initial evaluation, when the therapist does mobility and isometric strength testing. While you do the tests on the DAVID devices, EVE tracks and collects your results.

The patient does an isometric strength test for lateral flexion of the neck. EVE collects her test results.

After the initial evaluation and testing are all done, the physiotherapist uses the EVE platform to create a treatment program. This program is individualized to your specific needs. EVE uses your test results to create a one-of-a-kind program.

EVE also remembers your individual device settings. The tailor-made program includes optimal weight load and range of motion values. This will come in handy throughout your exercise therapy treatment.

The therapist works with EVE to create a rehabilitation program designed just for you.

EVE takes the guesswork out of choosing the right weight load and range of motion

Once in the clinic, you begin your treatment program by logging into the EVE Info Kiosk to see your complete program for that day. The screen shows the devices and additional exercises that make up your individual exercise program. What’s incredible with EVE is how much guesswork is taken out. You can simply concentrate on the exercise.

EVE helps out by remembering your seat settings on all devices, the correct weight load and even the range of motion to follow. 

When you show your RFID card to the device, EVE automatically adjusts the seat to your customized setting. On the device screen, EVE shows the correct weight load to use during the exercise. This means you never have to worry that you are doing an exercise with the wrong weight resistance.

On the screen, you can follow the correct range of motion, speed, and repetition amount.

While you exercise, EVE shows the correct range of motion and speed for that movement. Also, the repetition count is shown on the screen, so you can easily follow along.

EVE is there to help you every step of the way. Even when it comes to reporting on your progress.


EVE tracks your progress to improve your rehabilitation outcomes

After each exercise, EVE asks for your feedback on the exercise you just completed. By telling EVE whether you thought the exercise was too light or too heavy, EVE is able to automatically adjust your treatment program.

Let’s say you felt that the neck flexion exercise you just completed was too light. Then, during your next visit you may notice that the weight load has increased by 0.5 kg. This shows that you are improving, and EVE wants to see you continue to improve by adjusting your program. When the exercise is too difficult, then EVE may decrease the weight load.  This ensures that the training is safe for you.

“EVE is there every step of the way. From testing mobility and strength, to reporting on your progress.”  

                                                                                                                                            EVE asks for your feedback and uses this to continually improve your treatment program.


However, one of the best ways EVE motivates patients to continue with their treatment program is by tracking progress. With these, EVE creates reports to show treatment progress. EVE tracks all exercise data while you complete your program.

Clinic therapists are able to continuously follow your progress. Then, in the middle or end of your program, mobility and strength testing can be done again. With this testing data and your questionnaire answers, EVE creates a report.

“With the support of EVE, your therapist can make the right changes to your treatment program to better focus on your individual needs.”

This report shows your progress and improvements in mobility, isometric strength, pain scores, general health indicators, and more. With this report, you and your clinic therapist can discuss your progression, focusing on what you have improved on and what areas need more attention. Perhaps your spine mobility has greatly improved, but your spine strength is still below reference values.

With EVE, your therapist can make the right changes to your treatment program to better focus on your individual needs. This improves your recovery outcomes, making it more efficient and effective in treating your specific needs.

Meet EVE, your very own exercise therapy assistant!

With EVE as your exercise therapy assistant, recovery has never been easier! Watch the video below to learn more.


Annika Järvinen