Info Kiosk

A multi-functional tool that shows patients their exercise program with the progress of current and past visits and provides up-to-date information to healthcare professionals. Used by patients to register to a training session with an RFID card. Patients’ pain data and other pre-programmed questionnaires can be filled at the Info-Kiosk. Detailed exercise data is also available.

The Info-Kiosk works with an accurate touch screen display. Available with a keyboard for therapist use.

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Info Kiosk

For patient use

  • Login with an RFID card
  • Review of training program
  • Visit selection and visit machine display
  • Displaying visit progression
  • Displaying compliance and work amount of individual exercises and the whole visit
  • Filling of visual pain chart
  • Filling of any other questionnaire
  • Language selection


For physiotherapist use

  • Modification of the patient’s program
  • Addition of new devices, cardio and additional exercises
  • Web Access
Dimensions (Width, Length, Height)

maximum height: 120 cm/ 47 in.
LCD Size Wide / 19" viewable diagonal area


Power Adapter: 120W
Input: 90VAC~264VAC @50/60Hz
Output: 19VDC
Power Consumption ~80W



User view & full web-access functionality

Service gateway

Secure SSL encrypted communication

Training program:

Training program & session overview

Program editing with touch-friendly interface

Fast patient search with RFID card

User Questionnaires:

Comprehensive patient outcomes questionnaire

Pain questionnaire with touch pain maps


Customizable look

Multi-language interface: English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Finnish, Swedish, Basque, Korean, Czech, Polish, Italian, Bulgarian, Romanian.

(coming soon: Turkish & Arabic)