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LEEF! Obdam is there for you!

As a patient of LEEF! you are never alone. Our vision is that people can improve the quality of their own lives, as long as they are supported sufficiently and well. LEEF! is innovative, professional, customer-oriented, full of passion and with a smile.

When you come to LEEF! for the first time, an intake follows. We look at your complaints and determine which disciplines we can use to address these complaints. It could be that you will work with the physiotherapist and also make some appointments with the dietician. The same goes for the sports doctor and psychologist. At LEEF! we make sure you have all the tools you need to make and keep your quality of life as high as possible

Overweg 9

1713 HX , Obdam


Gilbert van den Berg

0226 453 320


”Cees soon noticed a significant improvement. At last he was able to stop pain management in the form of medication. After ten weeks an extensive medical check-up at LEEF! confirmed this improvement. Just a little longer and Cees can enjoy his social life painlessly again.”

LEEF! Physical Therapy Obdam