Meet DAVID’s Head of Education

With Lotta Grannenfelt on a well-deserved maternity leave, David Health Solutions found a substitute Head of Education, physiotherapist Veera Jakoaho. With a passion for musculoskeletal rehabilitation and evidence-based physiotherapy, she is looking to further develop her own skills as well as the education at DAVID. In this article Veera shares her thoughts on working with an AI-driven and device-based physiotherapy approach.

Meet DAVID’s Head of Education

Diverse background in physiotherapy and sports medicine

I graduated as a physiotherapist in 2010, after which I have mainly worked with musculoskeletal pain patients. In 2017 I began studying Master’s degree in Health Sciences majoring in Sports and Exercise Medicine and have just recently graduated. My own athletic background in aesthetic group gymnastics pushed my interest in physiotherapy and sports medicine. I became interested in injury rehabilitation and how to treat lower back pain from my own personal experience.

A physiotherapist’s work is very dynamic and there are many aspects to consider when creating a treatment program for a patient. Applying the best available research evidence and integrating it to clinical judgement and personalized approach ensures individually effective treatment.


A personal interest in evidence-based physiotherapy

This opportunity at DAVID is interesting for me because I get to use my expertise in various ways. In DAVID I have a great opportunity to utilize my previously acquired know-how in musculoskeletal physiotherapy as well as my academic background.

The DAVID Solution has been interesting to get acquainted with. I realize that the more I dive into the EVE software platform and actually exercise with the devices, the more I understand how unique the approach is. There are distinct features that sets the technology apart from anything I’ve seen before.

This device-based exercise therapy is a new concept for me, but it has been exciting to see the opportunities present in rehabilitation and prevention for musculoskeletal disorders.

physiotherapy technology to relieve musculoskeletal pain


EVE really is its own world. It has a wide range of uses and opportunities. There is definitely an opportunity here to utilize technology for patient rehabilitation. All of the information and even exercise data are stored for medical professionals. This makes reporting and careful analysis much more systematic. I think this will be important for improving future research and case reporting.


Future development of education at DAVID

The Head of Education role at David is very versatile and international. I feel that I can use my strengths in several upcoming projects. I also look forward to developing my own knowledge of how technology merges with musculoskeletal rehabilitation. The international aspect is also interesting because it allows me to see how exercise therapy and rehabilitation are done around the world. At the moment I’m looking forward to organizing my first on-site education at a huge wellness center.


David Health Solutions is excited to welcome Veera to the DAVID Family!

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