Middle Park Physiotherapy

Australia | Physiotherapy Center | Spine Devices

The Middle Park Physiotherapy clinic provides treatment and pain relief for a variety of back and neck pain disorders.

50-52 Mills Street

3206, Middle Park VIC,


+61 1300 023 762


“Last month I injured my lower back to the point of being unable move without severe pain. I honestly had no idea how I would get back to my pre non injured state. I was recommended to Health Back Solutions by a friend.  I was professionally assessed, having my injury and the plan for recovery explained in a way I could understand. After a few weeks of both physio and working out in their gym, I was both pain free and back to my normal range of movement. I am now going regularly twice a week. I am not only content with my recovery but now focused on making my back stronger. For anyone with back problems I couldn’t recommend highly enough.” – James G., patient

Middle Park Physiotherapy