Moving forward from MedX equipment, “DAVID is the future of MSK care”

The ForceMed Centre in Eindhoven, Netherlands is a medical clinic specialized in treating and preventing musculoskeletal pain. In this blog article, Henk Bultman M.D., general practitioner at ForceMed Centre shares his thoughts on how the DAVID technology helps ForceMed treat patients, test mobility and strength, and report on treatment outcomes. 

Henk Bultman is a doctor specialized in musculoskeletal medicine (MSK), current president of the International Federation for Manual/Musculoskeletal Medicine (FIMM), and since 2011, owner of the ForceMed Centre in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Starting as a general practitioner, Dr. Bultman soon realized that he had a passion for helping patients with posture complaints and musculoskeletal problems.

Today, ForceMed is a multidisciplinary medical practice specialized in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of pain complaints and injuries to the musculoskeletal system.


ForceMed clinic for back pain relief


Musculoskeletal Medicine requires a multidisciplinary treatment approach

Musculoskeletal Medicine (MSK) is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on diagnosing and treating complaints dealing with posture, support and movement apparatus, or related complaints accompanied by functional disorders or pain. Treatment at ForceMed begins with an intake interview with the MSK doctor, who then makes a medical diagnosis, including MSK-Ultrasound, and outlines the care path for the patient.

The treatment is often versatile and includes a combination of manual techniques, pain treatment (injections) and exercise therapy on the David equipment. Together with the physiotherapist, treatment is tailored to the wishes and needs of the patient. As a medical center, ForceMed is also active in the business market and offers companies a prevention and care program for employees suffering with posture and mobility problems.


ForceMed clinic medical exercise to relieve back and neck pain


The EVE platform is a game-changer in a market where other providers are slow to innovate.

Since 2020, Henk Bultman and his medical center ForceMed have been using the David back and neck devices and the EVE software. “In the past, we have worked with Kieser and MedX training equipment. The switch to DAVID was quite a change for the staff and me”. Henk continues by describing what sets DAVID technology apart from other providers.


The difference lies in the further development of the software, patient monitoring, ease of use and design.


EVE software platform for musculoskeletal pain relief


“The mechanics of the MedX and David devices are quite similar. However, the difference lies in the further development of the software, patient monitoring, the ease of use and the design that meets all the standards of modern times. In the coming period, we will focus on collecting and analyzing data via the EVE software. This way we can track and report on our program outcomes and further develop them.”


A straightforward treatment process to treat pain complaints


The average treatment duration for patients with musculoskeletal problems is between 15 and 20 sessions. The treatment process is as follows:

Phase 1
After the medical diagnosis by the MSK doctor and the T0 strength and mobility measurement, we train the first three weeks at 15% to 25% of the maximum strength. At the end of the first period, there is a control consultation with the MSK doctor.

Phase 2
From the third training week onwards, the strength is built up considerably to 40% of the maximum force. Finally, at the end of the six weeks, there is an evaluation and a T1 measurement.

Phase 3
Depending on the T1 measurement, the follow-up training is built up from 45% in week 6 to 57.5% in week 12. Finally, at the end of week 12, there is a T2 measurement to conclude the program.


back mobility testing results


The key to continuous progress is an exercise therapy maintenance program

After the Therapy Phase, there is a follow-up with focus on the maintenance training. This in fact is lifelong strength training to consolidate the reached strength level. The maintenance training is done with a continuous David Spine Solution training program.

“The results of the patients are positive. I regularly hear that patients do not have any pain complaints after the course,” says Henk Bultman.


Please visit the ForceMed medical clinic’s reference page to learn more.

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