Pre- and post-op rehabilitation for hip replacement surgery that is safe and effective

Can device-based exercise therapy support a patient’s hip replacement surgery recovery? Does the DAVID Solution support pre- and post-op rehabilitation and recovery? Read this patient testimonial about her road to recovery from double hip replacement surgeries.

Pre-op rehabilitation supports a patient physically and mentally

In 2019, Minna was told that she would have to undergo hip replacement surgery for her pained left hip. “I wanted to be able to strengthen my hip before the surgery because I knew it would be important for my recovery” says Minna. While discussing this at work, a colleague suggested Minna visit the Nordic Health Ruskeasuo for her pre-op rehabilitation.

Minna met with Nordic Health’s physiotherapist for a consultation. Minna walked with the support of a cane. Her walking was poor as she had to take short steps. During this visit, the physiotherapist also did mobility and isometric strengthening using the DAVID devices. The results showed that her hip extension was significantly limited.


It is important that the range of motion, repetitions, and weight loads are gentle yet effective in supporting isometric strength and mobility.


After this, an individualized program was made which focused on strengthening her left knee before her upcoming surgery. Her program also included training with the Spine devices and Shoulder devices.

For Minna’s treatment program, the physiotherapist put more attention to the Hip and Knee device training. At this stage, it is important that the range of motion, repetition count, and weight loads were gentle on Minna’s left hip, but still effective in supporting and gradually increasing isometric strength and mobility.


Post-op rehabilitation should be gentle, controlled, yet effective

Six weeks after her hip replacement surgery, Minna returned to Nordic Health Ruskeasuo. Her individualized exercise program was easily changed to a post-op hip replacement program and new adjustments were made for range of motion and mobility. “My recovery was very good and effective, and I could enjoy life again”.

Last fall, Minna had to undergo hip replacement surgery for her right hip. But this did not set her back. She made an appointment with the physiotherapist at Nordic Health. “I began my pre-op rehabilitation program for my right hip when I found out about the upcoming surgery”. Once again, six weeks after surgery Minna returned to the clinic and continued post-op rehabilitation.


“Her EVE report shows what a remarkable recovery she has made”.


A quick look at Minna’s EVE report clearly shows how her post-op rehabilitation progression. The scores in black were taken 6 weeks after her hip replacement surgery. Her rehabilitation program lasted for four months, after which new testing was done to see the results. This is shown on the graph in blue.

“Her EVE report shows what a remarkable recovery she has made. All the measurements have improved from being below reference to at or near reference values” says Hanna, NH clinic therapist. The reference values are based on the patient’s age, sex, height, weight, etc. Improvement in the strength balance scores shows that Minna was able to regain strength in her hip. The balance between left and right also improved.


A patient’s exercise therapy program continues with preventive care

“After completing both of my rehabilitation programs, I feel my recovery has been phenomenal”. Minna’s current exercise program focuses on preventative care to ensure that she maintains her hip strength and mobility.


“The devices provide reassurance that I’m properly exercising my hips”.


Minna exercising on the G260 Hip Extension device, the only one of its kind in the world.


Minna continues to exercise at Nordic Health. “I visit the clinic three times a week. I feel that my current program strongly supports my new hips. The devices also provide reassurance that I’m properly exercising my hips and I can’t do any damage”.


Exercise therapy is the future for musculoskeletal surgery recovery

Minna is thankful she found Nordic Health and was able to complete both of her pre-op and post-op rehabilitation programs with the DAVID Solution. “I think this should be standard practice for anyone undergoing surgery. Both the pre- and post-op rehabilitation for my hip replacement surgeries have significantly improved my recovery and quality of life”.


“Both pre- and post-op rehabilitation programs have significantly improved my recovery and quality of life.”


Exercise therapy that is data-driven and device-based can significantly improve recovery outlook for musculoskeletal surgeries. A DAVID rehabilitation program can help pre-op by strengthening and mobilizing the active muscles. A post-op rehabilitation program supports the patient’s road to recovery and regaining strength and mobility.

With the DAVID Solution, the doctor and physiotherapist can carefully tailor the treatment program to fit the exact needs and situation of the individual. The EVE Software allows for continuous monitoring as the treatment program progresses. This helps to track progression and make changes whenever needed, and from anywhere.

Minna remains active in her daily life and continues to visit Nordic Health clinic.


At David Health Solutions, we are happy to share patient testimonials to show how our technology is transforming musculoskeletal care all around the world.