Questionnaire Module

This module adds comprehensive outcome questionnaire tracking capabilities to EVE Web Access. Questionnaires can be filled with the EVE Info-Kiosk, mobile device or a web browser via an email link. The collection of outcomes can also be automated and scheduled. The module includes several standard questionnaires and it has a flexible form editor for custom questionnaire generation. The collection of outcomes has never been this easy.

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Questionnaire Module

Questionnaire answering

  • Answering with Info/Exercise-Kiosk by visit login
  • Tablet or mobile device support by scanning a QR-code from Info-Kiosk or Web Access
  • At home via an email link
  • Support for answering multiple questionnaire at once with a clear progress indicator
  • Required answer validation
  • Automatic email reminder if not answered in time
  • Questionnaire automation and scheduling:
    • By date
    • After the closing of a treatment case
    • After a defined visit count and also supports repeat intervals
    • Can be set to send an email to a client when activated

Questionnaire form management and editing

  • Free creation of customized questionnaire forms
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Support for multiple question types: Free text, vertical/horizontal checkbox/radio, Grouped checkbox/radio, vertical and horizontal sliders.
  • Multi-page questionnaire support
  • Instruction data fields
  • Support for complex questionnaire result calculation functions
  • Questionnaire form revision control

Reporting and data export

  • Questionnaire scores calculated automatically and shown in customer’s information
  • Questionnaire scores automatically shown in case reports
  • Patient questionnaire report with trend lines
  • Raw questionnaire data can be exported to excel with filters for scientific analysis