Rugcentrum ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Netherlands | (Medical) Fitness Center | Spine Devices

The Rugcentrum or Back center is located in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands and specializes in treating people with back pain complaints and problems. The back center is a part of the Verzijden Physiotherapeutic Medical Center network. The David Spine Concept is used to provide individualized treatment for back pain patients.

Kooikersweg 203

5223 KE, 's-Hertogenbosch


+31 73 760 0688

“Because of my office job, I often subconsciously adopt the wrong posture. As a result, I have had problems with my back for years and many sleepless nights because of the pain. After beginning an exercise therapy program at the Rugcentrum back center, I have a lot less complaints and can finally sleep normally again.” – Florian M., patient

Rugcentrum ‘s-Hertogenbosch