Shreem Supreme Spine Center

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Shreem Supreme Spine Center provides back and neck pain treatment with DAVID medical exercise therapy. The treatment program safely and effectively mobilizes and strengthens the spine muscles.

2960 Camino Diablo, Suite 200

94549, Lafayette, California


“Before working on the DAVID exercise machines, I had a few very bad falls, had lost all confidence in my ability to venture out, and was experiencing constant back and hip pain. I also have moderate to severe  kyphosis and was unable to lay flat without significant back and neck pain. I’ve been working on the DAVID spine machines in Janani’s program for 3 months. I’m now able to lay flat without pain, have regained my balance and strength, and am able to visit family and friends with confidence and with a physical agility that I had thought I would never experience again!” – Claudia C. patient

Shreem Supreme Spine Center