We wish to thank Dr. Soenen for being a champion of data-driven musculoskeletal care

David Health’s CEO and Founder, Arno Parviainen, participated in Dr. Marc Soenen’s retirement symposium organized at the St. Lucas Hospital in Bruges, Belgium.

We wish to thank Dr. Soenen for being a champion of data-driven musculoskeletal care

Dr. Soenen and Mr. Parviainen met for the first time 25 years ago and that is when their collaboration started and continues to this day.

musculoskeletal rehabilitation with data driven outcomes

Mr. Parviainen was one among six speakers in symposium with a topic “How Big Data can help to optimize musculoskeletal care”.

musculoskeletal care with big data

Other speakers included Professor Koen Peers from the University of Leuven, Dr. Soenen’s colleagues and fellow students. Professor Peers’ speech was very much in line with the issues David Health has been promoting: “it is all about function”.

We want to wish Dr. Soenen a happy retirement, praise him for his notable work as Belgium’s pioneer in developing the insurance-backed spine rehabilitation program, and thank him for the many years of innovative collaboration with DAVID.

We also wish all of the best for the new chief of the rehabilitation department Dr. Thomas Carpentier, MD and look forward to many years of further collaboration with the St. Lucas Hospital. Dr. Carpentier is currently Head of the Back and Neck clinic.


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