David Health Solutions Ltd.

David Health Solution Ltd. is the world leader in rehabilitation solutions for musculoskeletal problems. Health care professionals in more than 30 countries are using DAVID Exercise Therapy Solution and have been able to help millions of patients with chronic and recurrent pain.

Specially designed devices with joint-specific isolation and loading curves guarantee safe and pain-free training experience while a cloud based, state-of-the-art IT system guides and motivates the patient and simultaneously collects all relevant data automatically for easy reporting.

The DAVID Solution is easily replicated anywhere in the world with guaranteed, high level results. It offers automated protocol planning, feedback-based adaptive loading progression and pain monitoring throughout the program. Automation, bio-feedback controlled self training and a web-based quality control system increase patient throughput and significantly lower running costs for rehabilitation centers.

Contact us for information to find out how DAVID can take your clinic to the 21st century to produce the best outcomes and profitability.

Word from the founder

While we at DAVID are proud of the achievement in designing the best training and rehabilitation technology in the world, we are not resting on our laurels. Work continues at increasing speed and performance. Our new EVE system has enabled us to do data collection worldwide like never before. This will give us a new, endless source of information to improve our devices and concepts. We are more than happy to receive all kinds of feedback from our users. If you have any personal notes to me on how to improve in our work, feel free to mail me at: arno.parviainen@david.fi.