How do you measure balance?

Ainone Balance System® –  objective and accurate balance measurement solution

Musculoskeletal Treatment, Elderly Care, Neurological Physiotherapy, Athletic Rehabilitation, and most other areas of physical treatment can, and should, incorporate different elements of Neuro Performance assessment and training. Balance is an essential part of evaluating the overall human performance of the individual, and incorporating a high quality balance assessment into the process of defining a treatment plan will help to improve the overall treatment outcomes. 

Healthcare and Sports professionals require up-to-date neurological assessment tools, meaning accurate and financially feasible tools that will improve the initial neuro performance evaluation and assist in getting patients and customers on the correct treatment or training path as early as possible.

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Our balance is with us every day, involved in most every task that we perform

Our balance is with us every day, involved in most every task that we perform, But the details and complexity of the balance system is rarely considered, until problems occur – and identifying these problems as early as possible is critical.

Balance in human performance

The majority of healthcare and sports professionals understand the importance of balance in human performance, but balance is still an underused element in the clinical and field settings – Underused because of the limited access to quantitative, repeatable, and cost effective balance assessment solutions.

Why should balance training be a part of exercise programs?

Ainone Balance is a mobile application

Ainone Balance is a mobile application that is used together with a Movesense sensor, allowing healthcare and sports professionals to utilize a variety of different balance evaluations, with modifiable testing criteria, to accurately evaluate each individual according to their needs. With a greater understanding of the individual’s balance ability, and a wider picture of the treatment and training requirements can be established – leading to more individualized treatment/training and better outcomes.

“Neurological Performance is with everyone, everyday, and has a significant impact on our daily wellbeing.”

Ainone Balance utilizes a Movesense sensor

Ainone Balance utilizes a Movesense sensor in conjunction with the Ainone Balance software application to provide healthcare and sports professionals with the opportunity to evaluate the patient/customer balance. Using a battery of Balance evaluations, that are modifiable to the individual assessment requirements, information about the individual’s  balance can be evaluated and documented.

The assessment information is not diagnostic information

The assessment information is not diagnostic information, but provides the treatment/training professionals with important Neuro Performance information for the assessment, planning, progression, and outcomes of the treatment process; Making balance an integral part of the program.