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Specific goals need specific training

It is a well-proven fact that human adaptation is highly specific. What you train is what you get. It is often claimed that training with machines that have guided movement patterns is less effective than exercises which also develop overall coordination, such as training with free weights. There is a fundamental error in this thinking. Each and every exercise will teach exactly what that exercise requires, not much more. For example, a bench press adapts the muscles and nervous system to do this movement as efficiently as possible, but this specific skill provides few benefits in real life. In reality, this exercise may not be the most suitable for safe and effective training of the chest, shoulder and arm muscles along with the corresponding joints.

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High intensity – minimal risk


Typical exercise devices do not provide consistent loading throughout the whole range of movement. Poorly designed resistance curves is one of the main reasons for injury and discomfort in training. Our high tech solution offers a vast selection of tools to improve athletes’ performance. Every single exercise is stored to the cloud, which allows athletes and coaches alike to access training data from anywhere. EVE Professional redefines the controlling, monitoring and data collecting standards of a training program.

For elite athletes, the benefit/risk ratio of an exercise is crucial. This needs to be evaluated carefully when designing an individual’s training program. Therefore, exercises that can be executed near the athletes’ one repetition maximum (1 rm) safely without a great risk for injury are essential. For example, in combat sports, exercises for strengthening cervical muscles typically possess a high risk of injury. With our G140 and G160 devices, cervical muscles can be trained in all directions with very high intensity yet with minimal risk. The devices mobilize the cervical muscles in a pure, isolated rotation that simulates movements in real life.


athlete neck pain rehabilitation

WBC female super-featherweight title holder since 2015, Eva Wahlström, training with our G160 cervical rotation device in Helsinki, Nordic Health Ruskeasuo center. Often weak cervical muscles can be trained with high intensity yet in a precisely controlled and safe manner.