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WorkStrong Physiotherapy

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Health Park Thalwil

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Goulburn Physiotherapy Centre

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Royal Australian Air Force

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Middle Park Physiotherapy

Blog / March 30, 2021

From footballers to whiplash patients: WorkStrong Physiotherapy clinic treats them all

After suffering years of chronic back pain, Mark Jans visited a local clinic and...
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Action Physiotherapy

Blog / October 26, 2021

getback exercise therapy is transforming Australia’s rehabilitation market

Research and data provides the backbone for getback. My co-founder Professor Emeritus John Carlson...
News / November 11, 2021

Active, Targeted, and Measured Device-Based Therapy for Low Back Pain with the David Spine Concept

Study: Comparison of 2 Treatment Protocols This study was published by: IRCCS Istituto Ortopedico...
Blog / November 22, 2021

Innovative back and neck rehabilitation at the AZ Alma Hospital in Belgium

David’s variable resistance system ensures minimal stress on the joints during exercise According to...
Blog / December 7, 2021

“The getback program is designed to ‘wake up’ and strengthen dormant muscles and improve flexibility”

A patient’s rehabilitation journey with exercise therapy In September 2018 I suffered an Aortic...
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Real Fuerza Aérea Australiana

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Königliche australische Luftwaffe

Blog / April 7, 2022

Simple and effective exercises to help with rotator cuff syndrome

Symptoms and diagnosis of rotator cuff syndrome The muscles surrounding the shoulder joint and...
Blog / October 13, 2022

5 Biggest Physical Therapy Rehab Software Trends in 2023

Self-management The modern patient is increasingly becoming a healthcare consumer who is in charge...