“We do around 30,000 sessions a year, so the DAVID Solution is one of the pillars of Mondorf spa center”

The Mondorf spa center in Luxembourg utilizes the full David Solution for medical exercise therapy. Learn more about how the clinic customizes each active treatment program for every patient, no matter the pain problem.

Mondorf clinic offers spa services and medical exercise pain treatment

The Mondorf clinic is a spa center located in east Luxembourg. The center offers a variety of spa services and even provides exercise therapy and rehabilitation with the DAVID Health Solution. Most of the patients come for various treatments to focus on specific problems using a holistic approach. The clinic treats patients with a variety of musculoskeletal disorders including back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain.

shoulder-physiotherapy-in-LuxembourgPatients exercising on the DAVID Pulldown and Diagonal shoulder abduction devices.


The rehabilitation center is the only center in Luxembourg and within a radius of 200km. Some of their patients commute from nearby cities in France and Germany to do their treatment sessions at Mondorf.

John Hulten is a physiotherapist who has worked at the Domaine Thermal de Mondorf clinic since 1997. He shares insight into the treatment process and patient journey at their unique center.

neck-physiotherapy-treatment in LuxembourgThe DAVID Spine Solution includes devices that specifically treat neck pain disorders.


Individualized pain treatment program for back, neck and shoulder

“At Mondorf, the patients are referred by doctors only, meaning all the patients have a ‘prescription’ to receive treatment with the DAVID devices.  The clinic offers three different programs: back, neck and shoulder. Each of those consists of 24 treatment sessions. Each session is fully supervised by a physiotherapist. And our National Health Insurance covers 80% of the costs.” explains John.

“Usually, the spine session is a maximum of 90 minutes and the neck and shoulder sessions last 60 minutes.” The testing function of DAVID exercise equipment is an important part of the treatment at Mondorf. “Before each treatment program, a test is done to identify and create a suitable program that is tailored to the patient. Then after half the sessions have been completed, another test is done to see how the patient is progressing. Finally after the 24 sessions, a final test is done to see how much and where the patient has improved”. These tests will be shared in a patient report to show improvements in mobility and strength.


EVE Software supports physiotherapists at Mondorf

“The David Health department is one of the pillars of Mondorf Domaine Thermal, as we do around 30,000 sessions a year,” says John. “We have work for 10 fulltime PTs in our clinic, which allows us to offer high-quality treatments. We take care of our patients and try to guide them all along, so that they get the best out of their exercises.”


“EVE software allows physiotherapists to tailor treatment programs to fit patient needs.”


The EVE software (eValuated Exercise) is another reason why the physiotherapists and patients at Mondorf enjoy the DAVID devices. EVE software allows the physiotherapists to tailor the treatment program to fit the needs of the patients. “The EVE software is a milestone in coordinating our treatments. It gives the physiotherapist as well as the center a lot of possibilities to adapt the treatment to every patient individually” says John.

best physiotherapy treatment in LuxembourgA patient exercises on the DAVID multi-functional Cervical spine extension device. EVE guides the correct range of motion, speed, and number of repetitions.


“Active Treatment is very helpful”

After finishing their 24 basic sessions, every patient has the possibility to continue the exercise program, with 2 sessions a month, still under the National Health Insurance program. “The patients want to stay with us once they realize that an active treatment is very helpful.”


Patients want to stay with us once they realize that active treatment is very helpful.


Mondorf has also two medical representatives, who visit the doctors in Luxembourg to provide them with the most up-to-date stats on the DAVID solution treatment outcomes. “Once a year, we send our results to the doctors, to show them the efficiency of the active treatments, and we even organize meetings with the doctors from time to time.”

back pain treatment in LuxembourgPatients at Mondorf exercise on DAVID Back rotation and Back flexion devices.