Active rehabilitation and back pain treatment in East Bay, San Francisco

The Shreem Supreme Spine Center provides an array of services including active rehabilitation, yoga therapy, and neuromuscular release. The center is located in the Walnut Creek / East Bay area in the San Francisco Bay Area. Recently, owner Janani English PhD MMT, added David Spine devices to help treat a range of back pain complaints, from chronic pain to traumatic injury patients. How does combining different therapies provide added benefit for pain patients? How do Spine devices support neuromuscular connection? Read our latest blog article to learn more. 

Manual and exercise therapies provide a holistic approach to pain management

Janani English PhD MMT is the owner of Shreem Supreme Spine Center and runs daily operations. As a Medical Manual Therapist and registered Yoga Therapist (E-RYT 500), she has an interesting background. “I have studied biomechanics, exercise science and kinesiology at graduate level along with medical anthropology”.

The Shreem Supreme Spine Center in San Francisco offers a wide variety of services. These include medical exercise therapy, active rehabilitation, Ayurvedic massage and therapy, gain training, manual therapy, yoga therapy, craniosacral therapy, and neuromuscular release. In her practice, Janani English focuses on creating an individualized treatment approach with each patient. During a patient visit, a combination of these different therapies is utilized based on the patient’s needs and rehabilitation goals.

The center’s patient flow ranges from chronic pain patients to traumatic injury patients.


The center’s patient flow ranges from chronic pain patients to traumatic injury patients. “I see patients of all ages. For example, there are pre- and post-surgical patients and a lot of people suffering from chronic pain. I also treat people with traumatic injury, brain injury, and migraines.”

Controlled exercise therapy supports neuromuscular connection

Janani was first introduced to the David technology during an exhibition in Texas. “I was blown away with the David equipment when I first saw it. For spine health, the devices provide a unique way of strengthening muscles. This cannot be replicated with other therapies.”


“For spine health, the devices provide a unique way of strengthening muscles. This cannot be replicated with other therapies.”


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The DAVID devices provide full control of important exercise parameters such as weight resistance, speed, range of motion, and number of repetitions.

With the G110 and G120 Spine devices, Janani provides medical exercise to mobilize and strengthen spine muscles.

The devices provide support for the neuromuscular connection. This is very specific since all variables such as weight, range of motion, and speed are precise and controlled.

Patient experiences prove that active rehabilitation supports recovery and pain relief for many

“I really wasn’t sure what to expect but I got amazing relief after three sessions; significantly more ease of movement and even more ease in breathing deeply. I’m very grateful.”

– Kate M.  She had undergone bilateral hip replacement. As an avid ocean swimmer, dancer and teacher it was imperative to find long-term pain relief and mobility improvement.

“Before working on the DAVID exercise machines, I had a few very bad falls, had lost all confidence in my ability to venture out, and was experiencing constant back and hip pain. I also have moderate to severe kyphosis and was unable to lay flat without significant back and neck pain. I’ve been working on the DAVID spine machines in Janani’s program for 3 months. I’m now able to lay flat without pain, have regained my balance and strength, and am able to visit family and friends with confidence and with a physical agility that I had thought I would never experience again!”

– Claudia C. Retired patient who had suffered from bad fall accidents and was in severe pain. The David Spine Solution helped her regain balance, strength and mobility in her spine, as well as regain confidence in her health.

“I have been having debilitating headaches on a daily basis for the past 7-10 years. It’s been so long. Had 2 corrective cervical spine surgeries but headaches remained and even got worse. With the work I’ve been doing on the DAVID Spine Machines with Janani’s therapeutic guidance and treatments, I’ve now been free of pain in my head and neck for the past 11 days! Unbelievable!”

– Jack P. Suffered from chronic migraines, traumatic head injuries. As a retired farmer, he was accustomed to an active lifestyle however pain caused significant trouble. The David devices helped Jack regain mobility in his spine and even provide relief for his migraines.

“I’m so happy! I have been experiencing really bad neck, back, and tailbone pain for years with lots of headaches and migraines. I have significant kyphosis and scoliosis. Recently, I’ve had numerous bouts of debilitating vertigo. Janani started working with me on the DAVID equipment and, no vertigo! Headaches are rare and when they happen I’m now able to do some breathing and relax upright and they just go away. I can also lay flat on the floor in yoga pose and love it!”

– Margaret J. found relief for her back and neck pain. The David device training combined with breathing and relaxation techniques provides a holistic approach for long-term relief.