AGT Spine Center – Mannheim

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The AGT Spine Center, or AGT Wirbelsäulen Therapiezentrum, utilizes the DAVID Spine, Hip & Knee, and Shoulder devices to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal pain problems with an individual approach.

The AGT Spine Center has two locations: Mannheim and Limburgerhof.


C1, 13-15,

68159, Mannheim


+49 621 156 85 08

“Very modern practice with a friendly staff with top medical exercise equipment medical manufacturers various analyzes such as muscle strength, posture etc. where, for example, recognizes a pelvic obliquity or muscle disbalances. I’ve been having problems with my spine for several years, and suffering from knee pain. Initially, I came to Manual Therapy which did me good, but after a recommendation from the specialists to try the device training, the rehabilitation process is much faster and more effective (I have a lot less pain & can move more ).” – Jonas H., patient

AGT Spine Center – Mannheim